New Homes vs Resales – Which One Is Best for You and Your Family?

Choosing a home builder

Are you considering moving to a new home? Whether you’re buying a house for the first time or you’ve looked at single-family homes before, you have plenty of choices to make regarding location, size of home, and other amenities and features you’d like to have.

For instance, a National Association of REALTORS survey found that buying a home with central air conditioning was important to 65% of buyers, and other priorities include storage, space, and appliances. Just a couple of years ago, 89% of home buyers chose houses with laundry rooms as opposed to basement laundry. These are just a few of the desirable features that buyers look for, not even including other important factors such as location, school district, and cost of living.

Yet one choice that home buyers must make also involves a very basic one: do they want to choose new homes or resales — that is, homes that have already been lived in before. If you’re debating the pros and cons of new constructions vs. resale homes, here’s some of the information you might need to make this decision.

Resales: What Are They and Why Do Buyers Want Them?

Resale homes are any homes that have been lived in before. They don’t really offer the chance for customization or choice in location, but they do have their benefits. One thing about these homes is that they tend to be older, on average. For many buyers, this gives a home some character, as it may have an architectural style that isn’t widely used any more.

One drawback to a resale is that it may require some updating once you’ve moved in. However, you may have a bit more choice with regard to location. Of 1,500 Millennials surveyed, 66% said that they wanted to live in the suburbs, whereas 24% chose rural locations and 10% liked city areas best. Some of these areas may have new homes available as well, though.

New Homes: Can They Give You Everything You Want?

Today’s modern homes have a number of newer features that are sought after, ranging from upgraded appliances and gourmet kitchens to customized kids’ bedrooms and finished basements. Although they may lack the “character” of some older homes, they can often be fitted with features like crown molding and hardwood floors to give them a contemporary yet classic look.

One of the perks of modern home design is that it offers the option of working with a home builder to come up with custom solutions. This means that you can choose the floor plan, square footage, outdoor features, and other amenities you’d like in a home to truly create your dream home. This is especially helpful if you’re wondering what to look for in a new home because a builder can walk you through the process and design a home that has everything you want — without having to search for the right fit instead.

Would you prefer to live in a new home or choose a resale instead? Tell us which one you would buy in the comments.