Observing a Daycare

In this video, you will learn about daycare. This video walks through an observation of a daycare called Little People’s Landing. The first classroom is the one to two classroom. The kids ages range from 16 months to two and a half years.

Video Source

First, she starts with circle time. Here, the students sit in a circle and she does some form of the learning experience. In this case, she is doing flashcards. She is doing animal noises and asking the children which animal it is. Next, they are singing a song together. This helps the children with their memorization and listening skills. The next thing they are reviewing is the ABCs. She asks one of the older students to help point to the letters as she goes through them. Colors are the next thing she goes over. The kids seem to like the colors, and the teacher a lot. She sings another song with them to help them with memorization and listening skills. This song helps with the colors she was just going over. All of the kids are at different reading, speaking, and behavioral levels since there is an age gap between them. Her oldest student is 2 and a half, where her youngest student is only 16 months old.