Pew Rentals Allow More Churches to Offer Comfortable Seating


Is your church in the market for antique church pews, steeples, a portable baptismal pool, or other church furniture? If you’ve ever stepped foot inside of a church, you’ve likely noticed that pews are a traditional fixture inside many churches. The convenient style of seating pews offer have actually been around for awhile. In fact, the very first pews were first introduced back in the 13th century in the form of stone benches. Over the years pews evolved to what we’re used to seeing today. They managed to become so popular that businesses began to spring up in the 1840s and 1950s that specialized in renting pews to congregations.

Fortunately for businesses that specialize in creating and selling pews today, faith denominations, such as Christianity, that have a history of utilizing pews doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, a recent Gallup poll found that an estimated 68 percent of people in the U.S. Occasionally attend church services, and classified 40 percent of Americans as very religious. How was this classification determined? Well, the poll classified the respondents based on their statements on how important their religion and faith was in their daily life and how often they attend church services. The same poll also determined that those classified as very religious, no matter the faith denomination, were happier and more content than their nonreligious or moderately religious counterparts.

If the Gallup poll is any indication, people across the country are still attending mass in impressive numbers, and they need a place to sit. After all, the typical church service is usually an hour long, minimum. That’s a long time to expect people to stand. It’s actually the format of typical church services that prompted the use of pews. Thanks to long sermons typically found in Christian worship, pews have become a standard piece of church furniture, and have come a long way from the stone benches of the 13th century. Today, many pews are designed for comfort and have cushioned seating, hassocks, and footrests. Because kneeling is also common in during many church services, modern pews often come equipped with kneelers.

No matter what kind of church you attend, you’re likely to encounter church pews of some kind, along with the usual church steeples, crosses, and stained glass art. As long as people continue to attend church, those who specialize in building and selling pews will always have a job.