Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture Combines Nostalgia with Old Fashioned Quality

Furniture made from aspen wood

Rustic chic is in, with farmhouse style fireplaces and reclaimed barnwood furniture appearing in homes across the country. People who may never have done a day’s haying or even stepped in a cow pat are looking to add that feeling of cozy comfort and warmth to their homes that we associate with farmhouses. There are plenty of good reasons to choose rustic furniture, like reclaimed barnwood hutch or aspen log furniture, to add a a touch of nostalgia to any home. Quality materials and workmanship and classic designs are always in style.

Furniture styles for a new generation
Furniture styles and tastes change with every generation, and current furniture buying trends are driven by millennials’ preferences. Between 2012 and 2014, furniture purchases by millennials contributed to an overall increase of 142% in industry sales, increasing revenues from $11.1 billion to $27.0 billion USD. Most furniture purchases are expected to last for 15 years at least, and some may become heirlooms.
Some furniture is made to last for generations. Rustic style furniture, such as custom aspen furniture and cabin rustic furniture, meets millennial tastes by being both chic and timeless. There’s something uniquely comforting and homelike about farmhouses and barns. Reclaimed barnwood furniture taps into that feeling, bringing it into your living room or bedroom.

Reclaimed barnwood furniture feeds nostalgia
Furniture made from reclaimed wood evokes nostalgia, but it also delivers quality materials and workmanship. Reclaimed barnwood furniture actually uses wood from old barns and other farm buildings. This wood has weathered beautifully, and has a unique patina and character. It was originally shaped and prepared by people who really understood woodwork and their craftsmanship survives over the years.
Simple and timeless designs add to the visual appeal of the furniture. The idea of salvaging and connecting with a piece of the past appeals to nostalgia for a fast-vanishing farming culture. Rather than letting beautiful old barns crumble and vanish into the earth, their components are turned into beautiful, practical pieces of furniture like reclaimed barnwood hutches and tables.

Millennials are emerging as a major force in the consumer world, driving preferences in the worlds of hosing, automobiles and retail industries like furniture making. The nostalgia for a simpler way of life that was also closer to nature is expressed in the preference for rustic or farmhouse style furniture. This style is also about quality, and items like a reclaimed barnwood hutch or table can become heirlooms.