Private Schools Provide Quality Over Quantity The Individualized Experience Of A Private Kindergarten

Your child’s education is of the utmost importance to you.

It’s not just a personal desire to see your child given a head start. Psychological studies have shown that your child’s first six years are their most valuable in cementing the basics. This means teaching them how to socialize with others, develop vital skills, and learn about what makes them happy. When you look up ‘private kindergarten near me’, you look for a way to get even more out of the package. But what does a private school do differently than a public one?

Smaller classroom sizes. A higher probability of success. The private school model is fast becoming the education of choice for American families.

The advantages of attending private schools are slowly becoming better known. This is thanks to parents asking important questions about public school models and where they often come up short. Large classroom sizes are a major issue with many public schools today — they keep your child from getting the one-on-one attention they need to thrive. Private schools, on the other hand, boast smaller classroom sizes. This means whatever your child needs is going to be front and center at all times.

No child will go through the exact same journey. They all have different personalities and struggles, making an individualized experience key to their development into adulthood. A few struggles that can affect your child’s learning experience include dyslexia, social anxiety disorder, hearing loss, speech disorders, and ADHD. The advantages of private schools offer you effective programs that focus on quality over quantity. Better teachers and smarter classroom design adds up to an equation that lasts for life.

Searching for a ‘private kindergarten near me’ doesn’t just include the now. It also looks toward the future. Many parents today worry about whether or not their child will be accepted into college, particularly if public schools haven’t been reaching their expectations. A recent study found nearly 95% of non-parochial private high school graduates going on to four-year postsecondary institutions. Counselors at private schools, in fact, spend around 55% of their time on college-related efforts.

The best private education should start early. Studies have shown nearly three million students were enrolled in private elementary schools back in 2016. Among three to five year-olds enrolled in private preschool programs in 2015, half attended full-day programs. These will then transition to the best middle schools aand the best private high schools. Quality education should never run short, not when your dreams for your children stretch on for decades.

You’re not receiving the results you want from public high schools. You’re still not quite sure if it’s worth looking up ‘private kindergarten near me’. The benefits of prep schools move well beyond the smart classroom sizes and higher quality education. The national average private school SAT score has hovered at a steady 1235. This is much higher than the national average for public schools, which is closer to 1060. Not only does the best private education help your child now, it will secure their future for later.

Ensure the best future for your child. Search for ‘private kindergarten near me’ and get them started early.