Put Your Best Feet Forward with a Quality Cane

Blackthorn walking stick

Every year in the United States, one out of every four older Americans has a fall. Sometimes, they can pop up and recover quickly. Other times, a fall of any kind can result in a serious injury. For many who recover but have trouble moving the way they once did, quality canes can be the answer to a much more steady life.

Two of the most common causes of falls among the elderly is a feeling of unsteadiness for one reason or another and dizziness while standing and walking. Using a cane to steady one’s self is nothing to be ashamed of. Almost seven million Americans use some kind of assistive device like a cane for walking or simply to get around during their daily lives.

Canes have been around for thousands of years. Whenever human beings have needed assistance navigating their world, they have turned to canes of all shapes and sizes. The walking stick is an age-old balance and walking aid that even the great ancients like Moses, himself, used to travel with.

The typical Englishman in New York could be seen using an umbrella cane or any number of classy canes making his way from Columbus Circle down to Chelsea. Quality canes can be seen in the hands of males and females alike, anywhere in this country and around the world.

But quality canes are not simply run of the mill, one size fits all wooden canes. Today, they come in many various designs and are made out of many different kinds of materials. You can find quality canes that will fold up, canes that will provide a more steady experience with two, three, or four prongs on the base for additional support, and canes that can unfold into a seat. There are so many different options to choose from these days.

For many people, the idea of using a cane might make them uncomfortable. They might believe that using a cane shows that they no longer have the independence they once had. Those feeling are definitely understandable. But, what would it show if you took a fall and were injured so badly that you needed a wheelchair full time? Wouldn’t a cane be a much better alternative to a wheelchair?

No matter what your circumstances, if you find yourself in need of a cane, you can rest assured that there are many different styles of quality canes for you to select. You can try many different types until you find the one for you. You will want to experience the weight and feel of the cane you try out, making sure it is the right height for you.

You might also want to consider several different canes for different occasions. You might have one cane for getting around the house and another cane for going out to more fancy occasions like dinner or parties. Canes don’t automatically point to someone who is old and can no longer do the things they once did in their youth. Canes also point to something more.

Quality canes exude class. That is something that you can pull off a great deal more easily when you are older. Class comes from how you carry yourself and with a beautiful classy looking cane, you will exude that class alongside your new-found stability.

Many people, as they get older, lose the ability to rely on their own two feet for the kind of stability they once had. Thankfully, there are canes to aid in the need for balance assistance. People all over the world are finding that their life is so much easier thanks to quality canes and a little walking practice.

The good news is, with different styles and materials of from which to choose, you can find several canes that will not only help you with your balance and keep you from falling, but you will look good while doing it. And, that is at least somewhat important. Who doesn’t want to look good while taking a nice leisurely stroll in the park? If anyone can make it look classy, you can.