Don’t Be Afraid to Change Up Your Home’s Aesthetic — Here’s Why

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If you’re putting together a new home or are thinking about redoing or updating the style of your home, you’re probably thinking about what kind of furniture you want. Rustic furniture, modern furniture, antiques — the sky’s the limit! Given that only about 20% of Americans feel happy with their home decor at present and just about 15% of Americans say that the way their home is furnished makes them feel gloomy and stressed, you want to make the right decision when styling your home. Don’t buy furniture just because you need it or because you feel like you should have a certain style of furniture in your home. What makes you happy and comfortable? You want to find that perfect intersection between functionality and your personal style. After all, your taste is what makes a house a home.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change It Up
Almost half of Americans haven’t changed their home decor in the last five years and almost 10% haven’t done so in over 10 years. Given that we change over the years, this may seem surprising — but the truth is, redecorating can often seem like a huge effort and people aren’t willing to go through the hassle of replacing pieces if they’re not broken or worn out. Yet, a recent home decorating survey from Houzz reported that just 2% of respondents said they felt they’d achieve d the ultimate vision for their home. Just 2%!

On average, we spend a significant amount of time in our homes, and we should feel content in our surroundings. If you gravitate towards more rustic furniture, let yourself! If you want modern living room furniture, go for it. Though over 40% of Americans say their home is styled in a more traditional sense, it doesn’t mean that you have to follow that route. After all, one of the most beautiful things about homes is that each home reflects the personality of the people who live there.

Tips and Tricks

If you’re taking the plunge, you’re probably thinking about changing up your furniture in at least one room of the house. If you can, wait until Valentine’s Day or Memorial Day — these tend to be the most popular time for furniture sales to be going on, and you can find some great discounts on a dining set or individual pieces. For rustic furniture or antiques, don’t be afraid to visit yard sales, antique sales, or secondhand stores — you may find some great unique and well-built pieces that you couldn’t find in a showroom.

Play with paint color. A lighter or darker shade can transform a room and is often more cost-effective if you can’t quite spring for new furniture just yet. Update trim and try out an accent wall.

The “rule of threes” will also never lead you wrong when it comes to home decorating projects. Grouping odd numbers of objects when you decorate tends to be more interesting and eye-catching than grouping even numbers of things. In a similar vein, gallery walls are becoming more popular as statement pieces, and are a great way to display family pictures, pieces you’ve picked up on your travels, and more. Try to leave a three-inch space between frames for the best effect.

Keep in mind too, that you probably want these pieces to last. Choose high end furniture for items that you know you’ll use frequently and that you want to be durable. For example, couches, beds, dining room tables and chairs, and kitchen tables should all be pieces you invest in.

Get the “look” by checking out home improvement magazines, making vision boards, or following social media accounts of designers whose aesthetics you enjoy. You may glean wisdom from all of these places that infuse your own home with some glam.

Whether you’re in the market for rustic furniture, traditional furniture, or just a more general update, don’t be afraid to try something different. After all, variety is the spice of life.