Reduce Noise Pollution And Cut Into Your Energy Bill With This Simple Landscaping Addition

Landscape design

Can your surroundings have a negative impact on your mental health?

The short answer? Absolutely. The long answer is that landscaping is more than just sprucing up your lawn or installing a new tree. It’s taking charge of your environment one project at a time, gradually creating a home you can be proud to return to time and time again instead of dreading once you clock off your shift. Garden centers and landscaping companies are filled to the brim with interesting ideas you can utilize throughout 2018, particularly if you’ve been feeling the strain of a lackluster, poorly furbished household.

Here are a few ideas to get you started on your very own landscaping journey.

Improve Your ROI With A New Installation

Do you plan on selling your home in the future? Perhaps you’re considering downsizing and your house just isn’t cutting it anymore. You can actually get some of your money back by investing in a little landscaping now, thanks to studies provided by real estate agents over the past few years. Over 95% of real estate agents in a recent survey stated landscaping was their most recommended improvement job to homeowners. Spending a mere 5% of your home’s value on landscaping can net you an ROI of 150% or more.

Bolster Your Curb Appeal With A Fresh Lawn

If you’re less interested in selling and more interested in making your home look more appealing, look no further than improving your lawn. Your front yard is what the vast majority of people will see when they approach your home…what do they think when they’re greeted with yellow stains and patchy spots? Your lawn is capable of staying lush and beautiful almost year-round, but it needs a steady organic lawn care regimen to hold up. Be sure to water it frequently, but not too much, as excess water can actually do the opposite and drown the delicate stalks.

Reduce Noise Pollution And Your Energy Bill With More Trees

One of the greatest things about landscaping is how easily it can fit into so many elements of your life. Noise pollution is a huge issue with many homeowners who just want to go to sleep to peaceful sounds, not dogs barking, tires screeching and people chatting nearby. Trees have been found to significantly reduce noise pollution while replacing common sounds with pleasant, soothing noises. You can even reduce your energy bill! Tall shading trees block light effectively in the summer and can snip 20% out of your monthly tally.

Encourage A New Hobby With A Personal Garden

What else can you get from landscape design? A new hobby certainly doesn’t hurt. A garden can make your home look lush and natural, adding flowers, fruits or vegetables to wrap around your backyard or even the front yard while giving you something relaxing to do on the weekends. Food gardening and flower gardening were easily the most popular gardening activities the year prior. It’s estimated one out of every three households actively participate in food or flower gardening, raking in an estimated $3 billion in cultivating veggies, fruits and herbs.

How To Get Started With Landscaping

These all sound like great ideas…but how do you even get started? Some of these projects will likely take weeks before they start showing any results! A recent study showed the average homeowner will spend around four hours per week tending to their lawn. Another report saw lawn and garden spending reaching $36 billion back in 2015. If you want to truly get the most out of your landscaping products it’s essential to reach out to a landscaping and design company. They can provide you a consultation, offer up some interesting ideas and provide you with all sorts of tips to get the most out of your new flower bed or organic lawn care.

There’s no reason to feel dreary when coming home. Let a plant nursery or new shrubbery nurse you back to health.