Spice Up Your Home with Custom Wood Furniture

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So you?ve decided to change out some furniture and update your style — good, acceptance is the first step. You’re not alone either; only about 20% of Americans are content with their current home decor. Making changes to your home decor can be a frustrating and sometimes overwhelming task. Most people would tell you that they have great taste in interior design, which could be 100% true. You could even be one of those people. But the problem isn?t necessarily isolated to just the design, it?s also about what pieces you use in your space and why. For instance, if you were going with modern furniture, you would want beautiful wood furniture with a deep stain and clean lines, right? You wouldn?t have an unsanded piece of oak that your granddaddy cut down in the summer of ?45 as a countertop if the rest of your decor was industrial. So what factors into your choices?

Well, style for one thing. There are many different styles to choose from but in any case, your furniture should match that style. If you have a contemporary decor, you should pick out contemporary furniture. If you have a rustic decor, you would probably want rustic furniture.

Another thing to consider is the material. There are so many different materials out there that it can be hard to choose just which kind you think would work best. However, there are some materials that tend to only work in certain styles. Metal is great for an industrial, whereas plastic is great for retro. The convenient thing about having wood furniture is that there are so many different treatments and design possibilities that it can be used in virtually any style.

Wood furniture is widely used in all different types of decors, not only because of its versatility but because of its high value and longevity as well. Wooden furniture can last up to hundreds of years, and even far off in the distant future, someone can have it refurbished and brought back to life. It is also extremely customizable, which gives you the ability to really give your space a personal touch. Custom wood furniture can include things like a mahogany coffee table with twin glass inlays, or an island made out of a beautiful live-edged piece of maple.

So while you’re out there hunting for new furniture to redecorate your home, it might not be a bad idea to look around for some custom furniture shops in the area. If anything they might tell you to throw out that marlin.