Taking A Look At The Importance Of Charitable Donations In The United States

There are many people in need in this country, and the numbers of the needy grow and grow for each year that passes. From veterans to homeless people, the need for donations in this country is high. Fortunately, many people are more than willing to give back to charity when they can, with nearly three quarters of adults in this country giving back to charity each and every year.

And there are a number of ways to do so. Monetary donations are of course always useful, and can help charitable organizations to reach their funding goals for the year and continue to provide the services that are so essential for so many members of the community. In fact, nearly 5% of the collective income of the residents of the United States is given back to charity each and every year, showing that even the smallest donation can actually make quite the considerable difference.

But not everyone, of course, will be able to give a monetary amount to the charity of their choosing, no matter how much they wish that they could. In fact, many people are struggling in their own right even if they aren’t in need of help through any given charitable organization. Fortunately, there are still ways to give back, such as through making used clothing donations to your nearest Red Cross clothing pickup site.

A Red Cross clothing pickup site is ideal for many reasons. For one thing, the American Red Cross is likely to always be in need of donations. After all, they provide a wide variety of services, not only providing clothing but giving shelter, food, blankets, and even blood to those that are in need of it. In addition to this, American Red Cross locations are actually open all hours of the day and every single day of the year, including all major holidays. Giving your used clothing donations to a local Red Cross clothing pickup site is a small thing, to be sure, but it’s one that can have a considerable impact.

And making the choice to donate clothes to a Red Cross clothing pickup site is a hugely environmentally friendly thing to do as well. After all, the typical person here in the United States is likely to throw away as many as ten entire pounds of clothing over the course of just one year. If all this clothing is simply thrown away, it will unfortunately end up in landfills, only contributing to the growing waste problem that is faced not only by the United States but by the world as a whole, a problem that must be tackled sooner as opposed to later, as the planet is all too quickly running out of time.

Fortunately, making clothing donations to a Red Cross clothing pickup site can help to make a considerable difference. After all, around half of all clothing that is donated – to a Red Cross clothing pickup site or otherwise – is actually worn again as clothing. Even when it is not, however, a purpose if found for it. Some textiles that are donated end up as factory rags, while others ultimately serve as the stuffing in couches and chairs, providing functional purposes for likely many years to come and staying out of the landfill for that long as well.

Of course, it must also be mentioned that donating your used clothing to a Red Cross clothing pickup site or through other means is hugely beneficial for you, the donator, as well. In fact, it’s far too likely that your home and your closet are currently cluttered, for though the average house size here in the United States has as much as doubled over the last half of a century or so, the average home will also have at least 300,000 objects within it. in many cases, these objects are clothes, with the typical person consuming very nearly 70 garments over the course of just one single year here in the United States.

Making the choice to donate your used clothing helps the environment, helps the needy in your community, and even helps you to declutter your home.