The Benefits to Donating Clothes to The American Red Cross

Donate clothing

In today’s world, a number of individuals tend to have access to a plethora of material items. One of the items which individuals tend to often own in excess is clothing. That said, a number of people don’t realize the resources available to them, in the event, they want to donate clothes. One of the leading organization, to whom clothes can be donated to help others in need, is the American Red Cross. If you are an individual who has clothes you would like to get rid of, keep reading for some helpful tips to determine how you can donate clothes to Red Cross organizations.

What you need to know to donate Clothes to Red Cross Organizations

    1. Turn your waste, into donations!

    As hard as it may be to believe, a study by the EPA revealed that Americans throw out approximately 10 pounds of clothing items per year. This is significant, as all this waste could go to much better use! If every individual were to donate clothing to individuals in need, we would waste less as a nation and help out humankind! The great thing about donating to the Red Cross is that there are red cross clothing pickup and drop-off centers, which make donating your items super accessible. So, the next time you go to clean out your home and find our 10 pounds of waste consider dropping the items off at a red cross donation center!

    2. Donating is supported by a majority of Americans, so join the cause!

    Donating is something that everyone can do – which means that its a perfect option for anyone and everyone. Consider the fact, that 70% of people in the United States give some portion of their finances to charities in need. The great thing about giving to others in need is that there are many ways to donate. While some individuals give financial assistance, a great way to get involved is to consider donating clothes to people in need. By making this small contribution, you are joining the ranks of the majority of Americans to help lift everyone up!

    3. Give to others, and in turn, give to yourself!

    A fact that people tend not to know when it comes to donating to individuals in need, is that when you donate to a charity of your choice, that donation is tax deductible based on the value of what you are donating! This is a great perk, because not only are you helping others in need but when you make the decision to donate, you are also being rewarded with a tax-deductible item. Keep this fact in mind the next time you decide to donate clothing or other items to the Red Cross.

If you found these tips helpful, then consider keeping them in mind the next time you visit a Red Cross organization! Remember the three key facts of donating: (1)what would normally be wasted, can now be a gift to others, (2) donating is widely practiced by a majority of Americans to join the cause, and (3) giving to others can also mean giving to yourself! All in all, if you choose to donate clothes to Red Cross organizations there are a number of benefits, but most importantly, it helps those who need it most!