The Benefits of Preparatory School

Miami private preparatory school

Each year countless numbers of parents will send their children to school in hopes that they will receive a quality education. The process of picking the right school for your child is not an easy one.

Many parents will spend months upon months trying to find the top private schools near them and possibly private schools in Miami or other areas away from where they live. Ensuring your child receives a high-quality education should be your top priority. Here are some of the ways in which you can find the right preparatory school for your child.

The right preparatory school will give your child a number of benefits over attending a public school. One of these benefits involves a strong focus on the individual student. Most private schools are quite small, as a matter of fact 86% of all private schools have fewer than 300 students. A prep school or prep academy on average are going to be less than half the size of any public school.

Right now in the United States, there are 30,861 private schools that serve around 5.3 million pre-school through 12th-grade students. Private schools account for about 24% of the nation’s schools and also enroll about 10% of all pre-school through 12th-grade students.

The Fraser Institute conducted a survey that yielded two important results. First and foremost, the study revealed that about 72% of parents surveyed with children in the private school system strongly agreed that their school was safe. The second result revealed that about 91% of parents surveyed believed that the dedication of the teachers at the preparatory school was the reason they sent their child to said school.

Not only will the smaller size of these schools allow the teachers to focus more on your student, they will be able to feel a part of the school without a high number of students. There are also education benefits as to why you will want to send your child to a preparatory school.

98% of all 12th-graders who are enrolled in private schools in October 2010, graduated by the fall of 2011. According to data from the National Center of Educational Studies, about 88% of all preparatory school high students applied to college as opposed to the 57% of all public high school students. Of the 305,842 private high school graduates in 2010?11, some 64 percent attended 4-year colleges by the fall of 2011.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to sending your child to a preparatory school or a private school. Ninety-six percent of all private schools in 2011?12 were coeducational, while 2 percent enrolled all girls and 2 percent enrolled all boys. If you take your child’s education seriously and want them to have the best opportunities, then you may want to send them to a preparatory school.