Get Ahead of the Game When You Shop at Factory Direct Furniture Stores

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Are you looking to outfit your new hotel or resort with wholesale furniture at great prices? Whether you’re looking for commercial outdoor furniture, general hotel furniture, or a commercial grade mattress, looking at factory direct furniture is a great option. There are a number of factory direct furniture stores where you can shop online or in store to find the selection you’re looking for. You may also be able to shop in person and have your selected furniture delivered in the store’s trucks, to save you the hassle of having to transport it back. The inventory at these stores is usually quite massive and you might even be able to find discontinued furniture at lower prices. Check out what stores are in your area and pay them a visit today.

What Is a Factory Direct Furniture Store?

This type of store is where you can buy furniture directly from the manufacturer, instead of going through a third party, such as a furniture store. This can cut down on the markup on your end and the manufacturer is able to market their wares directly to their customer base. It’s can also be a great place to buy furniture in bulk — from sofas to patio furniture to dining sets.

You may even be able to order special pieces from the manufacturer that will arrive at your doorstep straight from the factory. If you’re going for a specific look for your hotel or resort, this offers a greater creative scope and more flexibility. You can really brand your business the way you want it to look, unrestricted by what’s available at traditional retail channels.

What are the Benefits of Shopping at a Factory Direct Furniture Store?
You can essentially get the same quality that you would see at a furniture store at a factory direct furniture store, but without having to go through the retail channel. Cutting out this “middleman” means that prices can often be lower. Visiting the manufacturer’s outlet stores can be quite fruitful. First and second quality furniture is generally available at these outlet stores, so you’ll want to shop around.

If you’re interested in a bit of a quirky touch, you can also browse their discontinued furniture items, which can be even more discounted. You may find a handful of odd items that can add a touch of whimsy to a room that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. This can create a wonderfully unique feeling within the hotel or resort.

If you need assistance, you may find that you get better customer service, since you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer and they’ll want you to be satisfied with their product. Dealing directly with them can also eliminate hidden costs, ensure a more accurate shipping and delivery date, and you’ll be assisted by people with far greater knowledge about the products you’re purchasing than if you were at another retailer.

What to Know When Shopping at a Factory Direct Furniture Store?

If there’s a factory direct furniture outlet store near you, you can always visit it in person to select items. Luckily, there’s also quite a few online, so if you’re looking for a large quantity of items, you can comparison shop or make bulk orders through a few different outlets.

Be sure that you’re conducting inspections of the furniture you’re purchasing. Much of it will be in good shape and high quality, but you want to make sure. For example, furniture held together by nails and glue probably isn’t going to be as high quality as furniture that has wood joined at the edges.

And — don’t be afraid to haggle! Not every outlet will be amenable to this, but it’s worth a shot and you may be able to strike a great bargain if you try that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

There are many benefits to shopping at factory direct furniture stores. See how much you can save and the eclectic inventory you can take advantage of by doing so today!