The Pirate Way of Decorating

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The Nautical Way

Many people live in or have a second home in coastal shoreline counties and decorate these homes using nautical themes. Most have the typical seashell, lighthouse, and anchor decorations. However, only one out of five homeowners are happy with their home decor. There are many other nautical-themed decorating options available to them, like pirate decorations but a lot of homeowners don’t take the time to shop for home decor. Interestingly, though, for those men and women that are willing to shop, they would rather shop for decorating items than they would for shoes.

With men and women willing to take time off from work to decorate their homes, it is important for home decor outlets to specifically market towards coastal living families. The home furnishings industry in 2012 brought in around 80 billion dollars through home decor, lighting, and furniture and this market continues to flourish today.

When you walk through your front door, you should feel a sense of peace and comfort. You should want to be in your home. About 14 percent of people say their home furnishings make them feel gloomy, and another 47 percent say they haven?t updated their home furnishings in the last five years. If you are in this percentage, then it is time to update your home decor and look into some new nautical and pirate decorations. Make your home fun and interesting!

Decorating with Pirate Decorations

If you are looking to decorate with an interesting theme, try pirate decorations.

  • Brass nautical clocks
  • Large ship wheel
  • Custom pirate ladder
  • Pirate lamp
  • Brass name plate with your name
  • Maritime rope knots
  • Old Pirates Never Die Wall Art
  • Skull Cross Bones Jolly Roger Pirate Flag
  • Custom Pirate Wall Clock
  • Pirate Drinking Rum Wall Art
  • Pirate at the Helm Statue

These decorative pieces can grace your walls like the clock or ship wheel. The lamp can sit on a sofa table, and the name plate can hang next to your front door. These are fun and interesting ways to use pirate decorations and would be great additions to your coastal home.

Have an adventurous spirit when it comes to decorating your coastal home. Decorating is fun and brightens your mood. Like the pirates say, ?Ahoy, Mateys.?