The Top Five Qualities a New Home Contractor Will Have

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You’ve just signed your first home warranty and arranged a financing plan with the bank. You’re sifting through blueprints and designs in order to assemble a rough plan for your dream home that you’re building from scratch, but you know you can’t do it alone. It’s now up to you to find the absolute best new home contractor you can. How will you know when you nab him? Easy, good contractor will always have:

Loads of relevant experience

This one almost seems self-evident, but you’d be surprised at the number of first-time home buyers who put inexperienced residential developers at the helm of their new projects. You’ll want to partner up with a crew of home builders who specialize in exactly that — so don’t pick a team that’s only done commercial projects. Crafting a new home from scratch requires a certain skill set that not every contractor will have. Always get a list of previous projects they’ve completed before the team goes to work.

Personable, professional demeanor

The truth is: The process only works as a partnership. You’re hiring a crew of top-notch building developers to construct your dream home right before your very eyes, but neither you nor the contract crew has complete autonomy. You should bounce ideas off of each other, and both parties need to remember their place. It’s your new home, but these are the guys who are going to build it for you.

Timely, efficient on-site practices

A brand new home is a work of art, and good art takes time. But how long should you be expected to wait? Always get an estimate up front that includes cleanup duties and any and all materials expected to be used in the project. The best home builders make a timetable and stick to it, not leaving you snowed months past the expected completion date. It’s a good idea to check in on the progress from time to time just to make sure everything’s pushing forward right on schedule.

Familiarity with the appropriate documents

If this is your first time building any kind of property, you’re likely not well-versed in the flood of paperwork you’ll have to file. While there are plenty of guides available online to follow, it’s always better to talk it out with an actual human being. If your contractor is experienced, he should be able to walk you through your first home warranty, your zoning permits and all the other documents that need to be filed in order to successfully complete the construction.

Strict adherence to OSHA safety guidelines

Look, it’s easy to get wrapped up dreaming of the finished product, but it’s a long road from blueprints to move-in day. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has very specific regulations regarding what is and what isn’t appropriate workplace conduct, and your contractor should be extremely fluent in these guidelines. After all, your dream home is what’s at stake if these rules aren’t followed. A good contractor knows this and will do everything to ensure the safest work site possible. From securing your first home warranty to laying a solid foundation, your new home contractor should have you covered. More information like this.