Three Things to Think about When Looking for a Mortgage

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Mortgage amount calculator

While the typical interest rate on mortgage loans is 3.26%, the highest and lowest mortgage rates Canadian borrowers can receive often depend on a wide range of factors. Those who study mortgage rate trends in Canada are noticing that more low-risk borrowers are springing for 30-year mortgages. Before attempting to get one of these desireble mortgages, there are three things that every potential buyer should know could impact their mortgage rates today.

The Down Payment
No matter what the mortgage rate trends may be, one thing that will always make an impact is the size of the down payment that a prospective borrower can put together. A number of lenders prefer the minimum of 20% down, which was proposed recently by Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. If this kind of payment cannot be put down, it may be best to wait until more money is saved up.

The Risk Factor
Those individuals who are considered to be high-risk borrowers may not qualify for a 30-year mortgage. Because of the fact that a person or family may be more of a risk, the bank may ask for a more substantial down payment, eliminating them from the 30-year pool.

The Bank
Not all banks in Canada operate the same way. Some may have tougher rules on who will qualify for what kind of mortgage, while others may be a bit more lenient. If a buyer feels that their current bank or prospective lender is being unfair, they may want to try shopping around for other options. Low mortgage rates are a typical goal, but not every bank will be willing to play ball.

While mortgage rate trends will change over time, the one thing that won’t change is the need for a good home to raise a family in. A little investigating into mortgage interest rates coupled with some expert advice could make qualifying for a manageable mortgage much easier than initially anticipated. Read more.