The Tradition Behind Amish Furniture

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Many people are already aware that Amish craftsmen are well-known as indoor and outdoor furniture specialists, and that Amish furniture is always made with the utmost care. But there are plenty of interesting things about Amish furniture that aren’t as well known! So, what makes Amish-crafted items so special, and why do so many people insist on buying all furniture from Amish crafters?

For starters, Amish furniture is often made entirely out of all-natural wood, and it is crafted completely by hand (i.e., without electricity). There are a bunch of different furniture styles, which are often determined by region, and some styles tend to be made with specific woods — but the crafters put a great deal of care into choosing the perfect material for each piece, whether they’re making dining room chairs or garages and sheds. Bigger items, like garages, tend to feature metal accents like reinforced door frames, as well as heavy duty materials to ensure maximum durability.

And furthermore, the crafters who make these pieces are both experienced and passionate about what they do. The tradition of making high-quality furniture is not a new one, and even though Amish furniture first gained widespread popularity in the U.S. during the 1920s, Amish crafters had been considered excellent indoor and outdoor furniture specialists for long before that. Many of their techniques were brought over from Europe (way back when Amish communities fled to the U.S. and became some of the very first settlers here), and many craftsmen today still use these same techniques.

Quite simply, Amish furniture is made to last. It isn’t difficult to find a category that fits your own personal style, and whether you’re looking for a set of Adirondack chairs or a small garage for storage purposes, you can be sure that each item is made with extreme care and attention to detail. After all, there’s a reason why the tradition of making furniture has lasted for so long in Amish communities!