Thinking Outside of the Shed The Top 4 Alternative Uses for Wood Storage Sheds

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If your home is your castle then wood storage sheds in backyards across America can be thought of as armories. It’s no secret that wood storage sheds, also affectionately referred to as “mini barns” in many cases, are a staple in the backyards of many American homes. The majority of garden shed designs are meant for storing garden equipment, such as tools, lawn mowers, and other lawn and landscaping supplies, which is why they can be compared to an “armory”. But is that all they’re destined for? Is that all they can be? Unsurprisingly, backyard wood storage sheds have a ton of potential and can actually be quite versatile.

Whether they’re cheap garden sheds, corner sheds, custom sheds, or even Amish storage sheds right from the heart of Amish country, simply using a shed for storage is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities in terms of how it can be used. So maybe it’s time to think outside for the “shed” and discover all the ways in which you maximize your wooden storage sheds in order to get the most use out of them.

Here are just a handful of examples that illustrate exactly how versatile backyard wood storage sheds can be.

Grow your own food

Did you know that wood storage sheds can easily be converted into personal greenhouses? With growing concern over genetically modified crops and the use of toxic chemical pesticides and herbicides, coupled with astronomical cost of food, more and more people are taking it upon themselves to grow their own food. Now, you don’t exactly have to be farmer John in order to grow crops that will yield an abundance of produce. All you need is some space, such as a shed, in which the roof can be made transparent. Using a shed as a greenhouse is also a great way to care for exotic plants and grow medicinal herbs.

Additional parking

Got an old car that doesn’t really run but you promise you’ll work on it sometime in the future? Instead of having it take up valuable space in your garage, why not store it in a wood shed? Sheds can be customized and made moisture and sun proof, allowing you to a store a vehicle in it without fear of damage for a long period of time. Not only does this help to protect your car from the elements, but it also reduces the risk of theft.

Just another day at the office…sort of

Everyone knows that the landscape of the modern day office has changed and dramatically so, with more and more employees working remotely from all sorts of alternative locations. But sometimes, working in a crowded coffee shop or even in your home office just gets a little old, and a change of scenery can do wonders in terms of boosting your productivity and getting all these creative juices flowing. Creating an office shed allows you to easily separate yourself so you can finally get some peace and quiet to work, or nap, in.

Guest quarters

What better place for in laws than outside of the house? But no, seriously, custom wood storage sheds, especially large ones, can easily be modified and made into comfortable guest quarters, complete with a bedroom and a small bathroom. Aside from looking cool on the inside and out, utilizing a shed in this capacity also allows for more privacy when company comes over. Both parties are close enough together but having a separate space outside of the home adds an extra element of privacy that everyone is sure to appreciate and enjoy. Wooden storage sheds that have been converted into guest or living quarters are actually a lot like cabins!