Do You Have Some Good News to Share with Your Family and Friends?

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The family of five is expanding!
the parents, the older sister, and two brothers have always been a perfect combination. Baseball games in the summer, scary movies during any kind of weather, long afternoons and the beach, and short walks around the neighborhood, this family has always enjoyed being together. After long days at work or at school, many evenings everyone was content to just stay home, rest, relax, and visit about the day’s successes and failures.
And while the engagement announcement was an exciting time for the oldest daughter on her 24th birthday, the two younger brother, one still in middle school and the other in high school, had a difficult time to adjusting. The fact that the young couple would be moving across the country once they were married made the brothers sad. Everyone promised that the family would make trips back and forth to see each other, but those promises seemed a small consolation for the time the group used to spend together.
Just over a year after being married, the couple announced that they would be increasing the family again with the arrival of a baby in the fall. And after just adjusting to the fact that their sister was married, the brothers decided that they better step up their game and embrace the fact that they would soon be uncles. So while the soon to be grandmother and older female family members worked on their unique baby shower locations, the soon to be uncles made some plans of their own.
Even Young Brothers Can Create Some Pretty Unique Baby Shower Locations, Gifts, and Plans
With a plan to visit for their older sister for a week in the summer, the two boys, both now in high school, planned the baby showers of all baby showers for their older sister. Reservations at a video game arcade included a fun treasure hunt of all of the games that the boys were certain their new nephew would want to be introduced to in womb. So armed with a huge supply of tokens, the boys let their fairly pregnant sister follow the clues and lead them through the arcade, playing their favorite games of their childhood and what they oped would be a great trip down memory lane.
And just when the older sister thought that their was no hope for the boys ever growing up, the clues led them to on of the most most unique baby shower locations in the back party room. Filled with the rest of the family and several of their friends, the boys had surprised their sister with thoughtful gifts and funny skits that included diaper changing lessons and baby food making practice stations. An area that invited the guests to contribute to homemade and painted decorations for the nursery included a photo booth. Props that allowed everyone to record their name and their best parenting tip, the boys later used these pictures and written messages into a hardbound book that they hoped would become a favorite of their soon to be born nephew.
Baby Shower Event Locations Can Follow a Theme for a Future Nursery
Becoming a new parent is a great way to grow a new family. The transition, however, from the initial announcement can sometimes be challenging. The baby shower itself can be a transition itself for everyone involved. And while baby showers may have once been a girls only event, couples showers, family showers, and unique baby shower locations make sure that everyone is included. From the newest grandfathers to the youngest uncles, baby shower venues allow families and friends a chance to celebrate together.
Whether you are looking for a banquet hall rental for a large crowd or a small restaurant and spa for a small group, the theme of a shower is easy to adjust to a variety of venues. No longer a simple matter of opening gifts and having cake, a baby shower can include personally created decorations for a nursery or painting parties for the entire baby room.
A new baby is something to celebrate and helping the parents get what they need is a priority of every baby shower.