Three Signs That You Need a Home Water System

Smelly water

If you’ve ever taken a high school science class, you know the molecular makeup of water: H2O. Two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule clump together to give us the liquid gold that make up 70% of our bodies, and that we depend on for life.

However, the “water” that comes out of your tap is far more than H2O. Amongst those glorious hydrogen and oxygen molecules are salts and minerals that naturally occur from the source of your water supply. And you’ll also find a heaping load of chemicals that your water processing plant adds to make the water usable. Yes, the chlorine and other chemicals that are added to your water are better than the harmful bacteria that are in the water otherwise… however, still not something you want floating around in the water you drink, cook with, and bathe yourself with.

If the water coming out of your faucet is significantly more than the hydrogen and oxygen molecules that Mother Nature intended, you might benefit from a home water system. A good home water system will pull out all the minerals, trace salts, additives that would be in your water otherwise, and deliver clean and pure filtered water to your tap. To help you determine if you could benefit from a home water system, we’ve put together a list of signs, below:

Three Signs That You Need a Home Water System

  1. Your hair is not going to be featured in a beauty magazine anytime soon.

    Your hair is like a litmus test for your home’s water quality. If your water is full of minerals and calcium buildup, it will leave your hair feeling dull and listless. This is because the water leaves a residue of all the crud it has in it on the surface of your hair, and your shampoo isn’t potent enough to cut through that residue.

    Meanwhile, if your water is over processed with chemicals to get the pathogens and bacteria out of it before it comes to your home, your hair will probably show a different kind of issue. The chemicals that kill living micro-organisms in your water has the same impact on your hair. It strips it of its natural oils and disrupts the delicate balance of moisture. In mild cases, you might experience dry hair or a little breakage. In extreme cases, you’ll see your hair thin and fall out in clumps. In either scenerio, you’ll likely notice a huge difference with the installation of a good water filtration system.

  2. You have a case of smelly water syndrome.

    Pure water is odorless and tasteless; if your water has a smell or a taste… it’s not the water you’re smelling. It might not come as a huge surprise that all the additives, minerals, and byproducts in your hard water are not good for your health, and something that you should have looked at as soon as possible!

    You might notice a slightly metallic or mineral-like flavor or aroma coming from your water. This is a sign that your water is chalk-full of… well.. chalk (among other non-water ingredients).

    Some people are more sensitive to the additives in their water than others, they might experience sensations such as feeling light-headed or nauseous after drinking unfiltered water. Even if you do not have any negative feelings after drinking water that has an unusual taste or smell, it is still something you should have checked out right away. Contaminated water can lead to long-term health concerns such as cardiovascular disease and reproductive issues.
  3. Your clothes do the talking.
    Just like the mineral buildup in your water doesn’t wash out of your hair well, leaving you with dull and damaged hair, the minerals have the same impact on your clothes. The minerals and chemicals in your water prevent the laundry soap from getting the dirt and crud out of your clothing efficiently, making it difficult for the wash cycle to get the stains out of your clothing. Additionally, the minerals in your hard water cling to the fibers of the clothing, giving them a dull, dingy and worn out appearance.

    If this has occurred to your clothing, it’s a good idea to have your water tested and a water filter installed.

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