What Flowers Should I Get For A Birthday Party?

Graduation flowers

Not sure what to get a friend or a family member for their birthday? Sometimes a simple gesture is the most effective one. Birthday flowers are still one of the most popular gifts Americans seek out for their loved ones, visiting their local florist or flower shop year after year to put together a bouquet that’s both beautiful and symbolic.

What Are Common Holidays For Flowers?

Flowers are beautiful, varied and very popular for all kinds of occasions. Mother’s Day accounts for one-fourth of all floral purchases made on the holidays — studies have shown around a third of adults bought either flowers or plants as gifts for Mother’s Day back in 2015. In fact, the National Retail Federation found that 66% of those celebrating Mother’s Day will buy their mother flowers. This has propelled the flower spending industry to over $2 billion in 2016. Then, of course, there are birthday flowers purchased yearly.

What Are Common Events For Flowers?

Did you know flowers will make up at least 7% of the typical wedding budget? Around 60% of all American wedding parties will include a flower girl or two, placing great emphasis on fanciful arrangements, scattered flower petals and, of course, the ceremonial bouquet toss. Christmas and Hanukkah are some of the most popular floral-buying holidays and over 30% of adults will supplement their event with a flower purchase.

What Are Popular Types Of Flowers?

There are thousands of different types of flowers out there, though some have proven more popular than others over the years. Roses, tulips and daisies are incredibly popular, with baby’s breath, orchids and carnations follow close behind. While color and shape are some of the most common reasons people seek out a certain type of flower, symbolism is a frequent goal for people buying flowers for others.

What Is Flower Symbolism?

Flowers are more than just lovely to behold. They’re highly symbolic, with meaning that changes depending on the event, culture and gesture. Red roses are considered romantic in Western culture, while white roses are frequently used for weddings. Sunflowers are considered innocent and joyous and baby’s breath are popular for baby showers. According to the American Society of Florists, Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular holidays for florists and adds up to nearly 40% of the yearly earnings.

What Other Tips Should I Know?

Keep in mind that tulips, while a popular choice, have a very short lifespan. They won’t last longer than three to seven days. Flower and pollen allergies are unfortunately very common, so choosing hypoallergenic options like hydrangea, periwinkles and zinnia will give you the best of both worlds. Last, but not least, seek out a flower shop if you have any further questions or concerns!

Which One Should I Get?

The first step toward buying the right flowers are narrowing down the event and meaning you want to impart on a special person. Birthday flowers should be colorful and lively, something to spread cheer in the room, while anniversary flowers should lean toward the symbolic. Flower shops are staffed by professionals who can easily direct you toward the right flower species, with additional accessories like plants and soil to make the gift a longer-lasting one. Which flowers are you going to get today?