Three Super Simple Tricks for Sprucing Up the Outside of Your Home

Amish cupolas

One thing that many homeowners feel every once in awhile is the itch to start making improvements and changes to the house and the property. It’s nice to give something a fresh new look, make things more attractive, and do a fun new project. When it comes to the outside of the home, it’s not always enough to keep a neatly manicured lawn. Here are a few ideas for adding interest and making updates to the outside of your home without having to make major changes and breaking the bank.

1. Landscape
One of the easiest things you can do outside of your home is to start landscaping. This might mean adding a couple of flower boxes to either side of the front door or planting a single flowering tree in the front yard. Other common landscaping projects include lining a driveway or a walkway with low growing flowers or surrounding a mailbox with small plants. If you’re interested in tackling a bigger project, you might add a full line of privacy hedges or cypress trees.

2. Buy a Shed
Garden sheds and wood storage sheds are the most popular types of sheds, but they can actually serve as much of an aesthetic purpose as they do a functional one. Custom sheds are probably better suited for someone who plans to use it as a work space as well as a storage space, since the dimensions can be better suited for a purpose. Wood storage sheds are probably better suited just for storage but still offer an eye catching detail on the property.

3. Add Interesting Details
An easy way to make a noticeable change is to make a number of small changes to the outside of your home. Buy a new mailbox. Paint the front door a bold new color. Buy new address numbers for the outside of the house. These are all pretty inexpensive and cute details that will help give things a fresh new look.

Do you have any tips for adding interest to your yard? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.