Three Types of Senior Care You Didn’t Know Existed

Senior behavioral care

Most people tend to think of senior living as a one size fits all solution for the elderly. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to senior care today. With over one million seniors in assisted living homes, and at least half of those residents over the age of 85, senior housing has changed a lot to fit the diverse needs of this population. This is especially true as 77 million of the nation’s Baby Boomers prepare for retirement, as many of them don’t want to live in the nursing homes of the past.

If you or a relative of yours are thinking about going into an independent or assisted living home, here are three types of senior care options that may be the right fit:

    Memory Care for Seniors

    Alzheimer’s and other dementias are near the top of the most common conditions for seniors throughout the world. As a result, these adults need constant care and assistance, so they can stay happy, comfortable, and safe. Seniors with Alzheimer’s, for example, may be prone to wandering off, and they could wind up getting lost or injured as a result. Memory care facilities help to ensure that these seniors are cared for 24/7 by diligent and professional staff members.

    Behavioral Care for Seniors

    Many seniors who require memory care may also have other conditions that affect their mental health. Whether or not these seniors already take advantages of care for dementia or Alzheimer’s patients, they can still participate in behavioral care for seniors programs in their assisted living facilities. Behavioral care for seniors focuses on various therapies and activities to help residents with depression, anger issues, or other mood disorders.

    Independent Care for Seniors

    Finally, there are a growing number of independent senior communities in the United States due to the increasing demand for them. Although these homes aren’t focused on helping seniors in their day to day lives, many of them offer amenities that can certainly make life a bit easier. Anything from a concierge to transportation services is available in today’s modern senior communities.

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