Top Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Becoming Your Own Real Estate Agent

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Did you know you don’t need a realtor to sell your home? With the Internet at your fingertips and a thousand methods of getting your house into people’s hearts and minds, it’s never been more possible to be your own agent. Real estate for sale by owner is becoming more of a common choice for many and could very well be the method you’re searching for. To sell your own home is to be familiar with the ins and outs of home ownership, marketing and just what makes a home a home. For those that could use a few tips before getting started, you can’t go wrong with brushing up on the basics.

Know Your Audience A Little Better

Put away old notions of selling a house these days. Statistics and studies have been revealing some rather interesting truths concerning your potential audience., for starters, has predicted as many as 60% of homebuyers in 2017 will be under the age of 35. Another study by Zillow has also found as many as 80% of buyers are more interested in buying a single-family home. Keeping this in mind can help better tailor your marketing campaign to accurately reflect your customers-to-be.

Include A Few High-Quality Photos

Just as real estate for sale by owner is a convenient option for many, so too do burgeoning homeowners want to take the easy road. Over 40% of home buyers prefer to look online for their properties rather than in-person (at least, to start with) — this saves money on constant back-and-forth trips as well as allows people to keep their options open. Studies have shown homes that have more than six photos available on their online listing are twice as likely to be viewed by potential buyers.

Bolster Your ROI Before Selling

How can you make sure your home has the best possible chance of finding an owner? It doesn’t hurt to bolster your ROI. The average homeowner nowadays can get a 100% ROI by boosting their curb appeal — think a fence repair job, a new shrubbery installation or even a few extra flowers near the door. Landscaping, overall, can increase a home’s resale value by nearly 15% and is considered one of the best choices by most real estate professionals. For those that want to go above and beyond, a recent survey saw half of buyers willing to pay more for a home with hardwood floors.

Trim Your Asking Price A Tad

Are you worried you won’t be able to sell your own home? While this can seem an unappealing option, it’s actually one of the most cost-saving measures on both ends. recently recommended you take 15% to 20% off what your home is worth if you want to give yourself the best possible shot of standing out amid the competition. Well-landscaped homes also sell for 5% to 12% more than even similarly styled homes, meaning you can kill two birds with one stone easily.

Don’t Be Afraid To Start Selling Your House

It’s common to stop before you even begin. Real estate for sale by owner is a beloved option for many because it puts control firmly in your hands, rather than seeing your estate managed by someone who doesn’t understand what it has to offer as well as you do. Consumer to consume real estate is at its best when it reaches out to like-minded people through simple and effective tactics, giving your home a bright future the moment it goes up for market. With a combination of high-quality photos, smart pricing and landscaping touch-ups there’s little stopping you from having your very own success story.