Unable to Find Just the Right Home? Contact a Real Estate Agent for Assistance

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In 2016, 560,000 homes were sold throughout the United States. Around that time, Realtor.com predicted that 61% of the people buying homes in 2017 would be less than 35 years of age. Regardless of your age, you may be within the 48% of prospective home buyers that want to purchase a home no one has lived in yet, according to a Zillow report.

Are you planning to purchase your first home? You may be interested to know that 32% of the people currently planning to buy a house are first-time home buyers as well. A large percentage of these individuals want to purchase single family homes, which Zillow indicates applies to 83% of home buyers.

While there are several reasons why people want to purchase brand-new homes, the main reason is because these homes are more energy efficient than their older counterparts. In addition to not having to deal with pre-existing plumbing and electrical system issues, prospective buyers also don’t want to have to deal with remodeling or upgrading.

When you’re considering a home for sale, chances are that you want it to be located in a walkable neighborhood. As you know, these types of neighborhoods tend to be close to shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. In some instances, they may have bike trails and parks located in the vicinity as well.

While many prospective buyers may look at homes for sale online, others begin the process with a real estate agent. A survey found that 78% of recent buyers stated that working with a real estate agent was beneficial. At the top of the list is that real estate agents are a very useful source of information.

If you’ve been unable to find just the right home for sale, a real estate agent will usually be able to expedite this process for you. In addition to having recent listings, a realtor will also know about the neighborhood and its points of interest. Since you and your realtor will discuss the type of home you ‘re looking for, this can also save you time and energy. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or are in the market for a second home, working with a real estate agent can simplify this process.