What are the Differences Between a Duplex and a Townhouse?

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Finding the right place to live is a great feeling. It is common to want to take some time to find the right type of place for you. Oftentimes, there are so many different types of residential areas that it gets hard to tell them apart. One comparison that is often made is between duplexes and townhomes. There are important distinctions to make, as the two types are vastly different. In this post, you will learn more the differences between duplexes and townhomes.

What Type of Housing are Townhomes?

Both a duplex and townhome will typically feature multiple bedrooms. Townhomes are built side by side with shared walls between buildings. A townhome could feature only one or multiple shared walls.

New townhomes often fill up quickly because of their popularity, especially with younger generations. Research finds that 23 percent of millennials are the most likely candidates to look at a new townhome.

A townhome is often a structure that is at least two stories high. There are typically two forms of townhouses condos and freehold varieties. A freehold townhome has owners also getting to have their own piece of land. Research by Zillow finds that about 20 percent of buyers are looking for townhomes. In many cases, townhomes allow the lookers to eventually own the property. In many cases, a duplex is owned by someone else and the renter is paying the owner.

What Type of Housing are Duplexes?

Duplexes are shared buildings like a townhome. However, a duplex will often be attached through a single wall. In addition, most duplexes are one story structures that are split and shared between two people or families.

A duplex may feature a lawn but could be surrounded by no yard at all. These structures feature a separate entrance at each section of the duplex. A duplex often has the same features on either side of the property.

In closing, there are differences when looking at a townhome and a duplex. The one similarity is that both are a type of family home. One study by Realtor.com found that 61 percent of home buyers will be under 35, making townhomes an attractive option.