Are You Looking for Ways to Keep Your Property Safe?

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At 8:08 pm a man in a silver Lexus car sped down 174th and Ohern going at least 50 miles an hour. My daughter was on the sidewalk on her tricycle and my husband was right next to her. We saw him speeding down the entire road before he got to where we were. I started walking into the street with my giant dog to try and flag him down. I waved my arms and walked to the middle of the street yelling and waving my arms like a lunatic. He didn’t slow down or even swerve. If I would have kept walking, he would have hit us. I just want to make people aware. I am pretty sure he lives around our neighborhood because about 20 min later he sped down our road again on his way back. He was young and had a hair cut where it was really short on the sides and just a tiny bit longer on the top. He looked to be 30 or so. If you know him, please let him know that he is a danger to every family in this neighborhood.
Video surveillance systems work. They help home owners, neighborhoods, and business owners monitor activity that goes on in and around their property.
Whether you are looking for information on who is speeding through the neighborhood or you are trying to monitor who is cutting through your lawn in the middle of the night, video surveillance systems are essential. For keeping track of activity of a lake home while you are away to monitoring the coming and going of employees over the weekend, video surveillance systems allow building and property owners the opportunity to virtually be in two places at once.
Business and Home Security Systems Can Help You Stay Safe and Secure
Although some people live and work in very safe neighborhoods and locations, no one is ever completely safe from the threat of vandalism and threat. With the use of combined access control systems, video surveillance systems, and business and home automation systems, however, property and business owners can make sure that they are doing all that they can.
Consider some of these facts and figures about security cameras and the many ways that business and home owners work to protect themselves and the things that they value:

  • Security systems are increasingly common in America. In fact, an estimated 18 million home security systems are currently installed in America.
  • According to the US Department of Commerce, as many as 75% of employees steal.
  • Finding a way to keep employees and property safe is an important role of an employer.
  • Estimates indicate that 61% of all burglaries are committed by forcible entry. If attached to an alarm, authorities might be able to interrupt some of these crimes.
  • The number of property crimes committed in 2013 totaled nearly 8.6 million, approximately 4.1% less than in the year 2012. The decrease could be attributed to more security systems.
  • Yearly statistics indicate that 85% of police officials surveyed believe home monitoring systems help deter burglary attempts.

  • First time home and business owners are often even more inclined to install security systems and other measures to make sure that their investments remain safe and hold their value.
  • In some instances, insurance providers offer discounts up to 20% when a home security system is installed.
  • Real estate properties serve as substantial investments for many people. Taking the time to make sure that those properties increase in their market price.
  • Security is a growing concern around the world. As individuals and companies look to find a way to protect themselves, their employees, their property, and their investments, more and more are turning to video surveillance systems and other options.
  • The first time that you find out that something has been stolen or vandalized on your property you are more likely to look for ways to protect your assets and your loved ones.

Because you cannot always keep watch yourself 24/7, a security monitoring system is a choice of many. Having the combination of an alarm system that alerts the authorities and provides video footage means that you can sleep safely at night and know that your business is being watched and protected. Are you ready to start?