What High-Quality Preschools Look Like

Not all preschools are created the same. In this video, a public preschool teacher in Oklahoma demonstrates what makes for a high-quality preschool experience.

Video Source

The teacher, Nikki Jones, highlights some of the first lessons that are important for children to learn, including patience, self-directed learning, and accountability. Another thing the teacher emphasizes is open-ended play. The children play with natural materials that are not task-oriented. They are able to decide what they want to do and explore different possibilities.

The students have many options throughout their time at preschool. For much of the time, they are free to choose. They go outside and can run around and play in the playground, but their teacher also has some craft activities prepared in case any of them feel like doing that instead.

What perhaps stands out most in the video is how intentionally and deliberately the details of the preschool are planned out. Things are done purposefully for the kids to learn and grow. They are not being babysat or merely watched for a couple of hours. Nikki Jones knows what lessons she wants them to learn, and takes advantage of the resources available to work toward those outcomes.