What Is The Secret to Interior Painting?

Painting may not seem like it is a difficult task. You simply take some paint and roll it on a wall, right? Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Many people figure this out the hard way. They may notice streaks on the wall and some areas where the paint is darker and other areas where it is lighter. These can be the byproducts of not being prepared.

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The secret of interior painting is knowledge and preparation. You need the right technique and the right tools to get the job done right. Interior painters will tell you the same thing.

Start by choosing a roller suitable for your project. Make sure that the handle length is long enough to reach any places that you may be painting. You also need to make sure that the roller thickness is thick enough to get in any crevices in the wall or ceiling. For example, a popcorn ceiling will need a much thicker roller than a smooth wall.

As for technique, make sure that you are painting for the bottom up. This means that any drips will fall down onto an already painted area. To prevent excess dripping, let the roller drip for a second or two after sticking it in the bucket.