What is The Best Direction to Lay Your Flooring?

Are you thinking of contacting your local flooring service to have new flooring stalled? New flooring is a great way to spruce up your home. Your guests will love it and new flooring even increases the value of your home. Therefore, a lot of time goes into picking out the right type of flooring.

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Some people like vinyl flooring for this versatility and affordability. Other people prefer timeless hardwood. However, very few people actually take the time to consider which direction to lay their flooring. In this video, you will learn some pointers.

Typically, you want to lay your flooring so that it runs parallel with the longer wall of the room. This is especially true of hall ways. Otherwise, they will feel even more tight and cramped. When the floor is facing the proper direction, it may even make it feel a little more open. For more complex rooms, consider downloading a smartphone application to help you visualize what your floor plan would look like with the flooring facing different directions. This can be an invaluable tool to ensure that you will be happy with the way that your flooring is installed.