Is Your Piping Turning Green? Time to Call a Local Plumber

Have you noticed your plumbing turning a mint green color recently? If so, it is time to call your local plumber immediately. Copper turns a green color when it has corroded. This can be a serious problem because it means that a leak is likely to occur.

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It may also mean that the corroded piping is getting into the water stream. If this problem is not fixed immediately, you could be looking at costly repairs and flooding. In this video, you will learn more about pipe corrosion and the likely causes.

The cause of the corrosion is normally upstream of the issue. For example, the issue may reside in your water heater. You see, every water heater has a part inside known as the sacrificial anode. This is a metal rod that lies with the tank. The water dissolves this metal over time. The reason this rod exists is so that the water doesn’t dissolve other parts of the tank. However, if it has not been replaced in a while, the water may dissolve other metals in the water heater tank. This can result in metal flakes that make their way into the copper piping. This can cause corrosion as the metal flakes settle in the piping.