What to Look for in Church Pews

Church pews for sale

If you are a pastor of a church, you may be looking at church furnishings. The good news is that there are plenty of church pews for sale. These church pews for sale are often excellent seats in churches, and foster a sense of unity during worship. Many church pews for sale are also customizable, and include kneelers, hymnal holders, and other accessories if you feel they bring parishoners closer to God.

There was quite a bit of history before we got to church pews for sale. Most early churches did not have seating, requiriing the congregation to stand. Later, as cathedrals were built in an east facing Latin cross patern, churches still did not have pews. Many visitors to great gothic cathedrals of Europe are shocked to learn they did not have church furniture, despite the lavish stained glass wiindows, mosaics, reliqueries, and other features. When church pews for sale first started appearing in the 1600s, they were extremely austere by modern standards.

Today, church pews for sale are everywhere. Sales are very strong in the United States, as 40 percent of Americans identify as very religious, according to a recent Gallup poll. Mississippi is the most religious state, coming in at 59 percent. Church pews are even popular in private homes, particularly antique pews. This has kept church pews for sale very robust.

Church pews are also highly customizable. Many churches with kneeling prayer traditions come with a kneeler. That said, if you feel this is too decadent for your flock, you can easily remove the kneeler. Other church pews for sale come with optional hymnals and padded seats.

Church pews, like church steeples, are a staple of modern worship. If you are a pastor who believes your congregation should only stand, then by all means do what you feel is best. Otherwise, see what church pews for sale are out there. You may be surprised what you find. For more information see this: www.kivetts.com