Why Is Handmade Artisan Soap Superior To Store-Bought Soap?

Lots of people are now interested in all-natural soap. Modern customers are more familiar with some potentially toxic chemicals that can be found in the mass-produced brands of soap.

People use bars of hand soap or liquid soap in order to stay healthier. If they’re exposing themselves to new chemicals each time they wash their hands, it will undermine their attempts to stay healthy.

Natural handmade soap and mud soap can help people clean their hands much more safely on a regular basis. Handmade soup and handmade soap have both become more popular in recent years, as people try to keep themselves away from the chemicals that are often present in food products and cleaning products.

Customers may not necessarily want to make the fresh body soap themselves. While making soap might seem like it’s easy and fun, it can still be challenging. The people who make soap professionally often like it, but it’s part of a business for them. It isn’t just a chore that has to be performed regularly. For a lot of people, purchasing handmade soap can be more efficient than making it. They might even save money by doing so, since the materials associated with natural soap can be costly.

Soap gifts

Soap is the marriage between art and function. We need soap to rid ourselves of harmful bacteria while working, but we also need soap to feel clean and smell good before we go on a date. Tiny soap cubes are standard additions to any hotel settings, though handmade baby soap can make a great party gift at a baby shower. Soap, truly, is one of those special additions to everyday life that we can easily take for granted. When you start wondering as to the benefits of handmade soap, you’re wondering how you can take this simple pleasure and use it transform your life from the ground up.

Do you want to use soap to smell nice, moisturize or decorate a gift basket? The crash course below will turn you into an overnight soap guru.


How does soap clean you, exactly? This can seem like a basic question, but knowing a little more about your body’s natural exfoliation process will help you pick superior soap products. Your skin has multiple layers, the uppermost of which sheds itself naturally on a regular basis. Soap can speed up this process to slough off old skin and make way for new, soft and unblemished skin to grow in its place. Luxury soap gifts with an eye for exfoliation should include sea salt soap, African black soap and goat’s milk soap.


Yet more people like to buy soap that leaves them feeling decadent and soft. Handmade baby soap is designed to be gentle on baby’s delicate skin, using few ingredients and little to no perfume to avoid potential rashes or irritation. Goat’s milk is not just good for exfoliation, it also encourages a higher rate of cell turnover and can leave your skin feeling plush after just a few scrubs. Wondering what other ingredients can transform your dry and rough skin into a tender paradise? Try shea butter, vegetable oil or a rose and milk mixture.


Who doesn’t like to smell good? Cheap soap can give you a basic tang of cleanliness, but as we all know, it’s easier to do much better than that. There are hundreds of scents for you to choose from, all of which can leave you smelling great and feeling great as you’re off to work or play. There is even significant evidence to support that certain scents can even reduce feelings of anxiety and promote superior mental wellness. Lavender has been used for hundreds of years as a self-care resource, though you can always try a rose scented soap if you’re a fan of flowers.


It’s hard to find a person that doesn’t love smooth, clear and even skin. Unfortunately, it’s even harder to find a person that isn’t struggling with leftover acne scars or a mismatched tan. An exfoliating soap can give you a headstart by encouraging your skin to rebuild itself, while a moisturizing soap can leave you feeling soft…but what about brightening those pesky dark marks? Lemon is a tried-and-true brightening element that can ease those unsightly blemishes. You could also try raspberry soap if you’d like a delicious scent to go alongside your acne-fighting citric acids.

The Art Of The Soap Bar

There’s a soap bar for everyone. Infants can have their very own handmade baby soap when taking a bath or cleaning up a gross spill. Lavender chamomile soap smells delightful and can brighten up anyone’s day. You can even find cake shaped soap or a flower shaped soap as a cute touch-up to someone’s Christmas gift. Even better? All of these can do the combined work of lightening dark marks, encouraging cell turnover and hushing irritated skin. Soap, just like us, packs a big punch in such a deceptively simple package. Instead of going for a dollar store brand, try a handmade baby soap bar or artisan handmade soap instead.

It could just make all the difference.