Why It’s Important To Maintain Your HVAC

Your HVAC system is very important to your home’s comfort levels and safety, so it is essential that you maintain it. Make sure it is inspected regularly and that any AC repair is done quickly after the problem is discovered. If you wait to fix your AC heating and cooling unit, you might not get it done before you need it. Plus, costs will be higher, and wait times will be longer if you wait until the hot or cold season for repairs. Instead, if you discover a problem during off-months, get it done then. Air heating and air conditioning are important and you want them working when you need them.

You should get your air conditioner and ventilation system maintained and repaired by experts. While you might be able to do some basic cleaning and maintenance yourself, you won’t be able to access the entire AC ventilation system. Attempts to do so might cause further damage, leading to more expensive repair bills. Instead, you should invest in a reliable HVAC service to do this work for you.

Your home’s heating and cooling system is one of the most important features of your property investment. Not only does it improve the value of your home, but it’s crucial to your family’s comfort and even safety. Your heating and cooling system needs to be properly maintained, and you should be familiar with the warning signs that indicate a repair is necessary.

Is Maintenance Important?

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that for the average American 25% to 40% of the energy used in heating and cooling ends up being wasted. One reason for this kind of waste is that contaminants build up in the heaving and cooling system. This means the system has to work harder, and eventually, it leads to a need for HVAC repair. Since the heating and cooling account for almost half of the energy used by any typical American home, it is normally the largest expense. This makes it all the more crucial to maintain and repair your AC in a timely fashion.

What Happens When Maintenance Is Neglected

When asked, some experts in heating and cooling report that up to three-fourths of all their calls in the winter complaining that a heating and cooling unit isn’t working are directly related to a lack of maintenance on the unit. Unmaintained furnaces can suddenly malfunction, forcing you to get costly emergency AC repair. Nationwide only 42% of homeowners regularly call in a professional to do important routine maintenance on their systems, and for those who do , 40% see their air conditioner last longer. An HVAC unit lifespan is typically about 12 years: ideally, you don’t want to have to do an HVAC installation before then! Maintenance inspections on your heating and cooling unit should be happening twice a year to ensure they run at maximum efficiency.

What Are Warning Signs of HVAC Trouble?

One of the first warning signs is a sudden escalation in heating and cooling bills. If you haven’t changed anything about your daily routine, the HVAC system is probably to blame. Another warning sign is simply age. If you know that your system is approaching the end of its life, it might be wise to have a new air conditioner installed when its convenient to you rather than wait until the unit has a complete breakdown. New, more efficient HVAC units will more than compensate you by delivering big energy savings right away. Other warning signs that you should pay attention to include strange smells and noises, which can mean something needs to be repaired or replaced. The same is true if you start experiencing leaks.

Don’t wait for a catastrophic problem before you get your heating and cooling system looked at. Regular maintenance will flag up problems before they become serious, and what could be a simple replacement of one part today could become a unit-destroying catastrophe in a few months if left unchecked. You’ll also get the most efficient use out of your machine by regular maintenance, so there’s no reason not to call your local HVAC expert today!