Your Best Options for Hurricane Shutters and Preparedness

While hurricane preparedness is important, there are specific things you should focus on. Storm surges and high water levels are extremely dangerous and you need to protect yourself. Wind and rain are also huge problems. The wind can pick up any loose items in your neighborhood and hurl them at your windows. Once your windows break, you will be completely vulnerable.

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Most people will board up their windows before a hurricane with plywood, but only some plywood will be effective. If the plywood protecting your windows is too thin, it may do more harm than good. Thin plywood will still leave your windows vulnerable, and then you’ll have to deal with shards of glass and wood if your windows get broken. If you want real protection, get hurricane shutters.

Shutters are great because they’re installed once and then they’re ready if a hurricane ever hits. Some can be operated from inside your home or even remotely. Depending on how much you’re willing to invest, you can protect your home from hurricanes no matter where you are. Still, if the shutters are hit in the right spot, a projectile can still make it through the shutters and break the windows.