9 Ways to Increase Your Property Value Before Listing It

When you are planning to sell your house, you want it to stay on the market for the shortest time possible. You want to receive the highest amount for it. Unfortunately, the market dictates how much competition you have, which may make it harder to sell your house. Fortunately, there are some ways to increase your property value before listing. Consider these nine ways to increase the value before taking your next steps.

Invest in a New Roof

One of the top ways to increase your property value before listing is to replace your roof. Depending on the age of your roof, it may need some attention. An aging roof could also make a potential buyer hesitant to buy your house. A roof is a crucial piece of your house and an expensive replacement. Many home buyers stay away because they do not want it to become their problem. Before you list your house, contact a roofer to assess your roof. Then, you can make an educated decision about what to do next. If your roofer is newer, you just may need an inspection to ensure there are no loose or missing shingles. If you see any sign of leaks in your home, you should address that immediately. That is an indication that you have a problem with the roof. You may want to prepare yourself that you have to replace your roof. In addition to the roof, you want to ensure your gutters and downspouts are functioning correctly. You want your gutters clean and free of debris. Your downspouts must be present and functioning. When they are missing or not working, water is likely to collect around your foundation, which can cause significant problems.

Install a Water Filtration System

If you are interested in ways to increase your property value before listing, consider a whole house water filtration system. While some people consider water filter systems a luxury, others think them to be a necessity. This is because there are many pollutants and chemicals in drinking water. Homeowners have used different techniques to combat this. Some purchase bottled water or have a bottled water delivery service to drink in their home. Some use a refillable water filtering pitcher at home, which allows them to use water from the sink and filter it directly in the pitcher.

Opting for a water filtration system is an alternative that pays for itself. Not only does it eliminate the cost of purchasing bottled water and the time of filling up pitchers, but it increases the value of your home. You are able to get filtered water directly from any faucet in your house. A whole house filtration system also filters the water that you use to shower. There are different types of filtration systems. Each one offers its own set of features. No matter which one you choose, it increases your value and is a great selling feature.

Have Your Garage Door Inspected

A great way to increase your property value before listing is to inspect and potentially replace your garage door. Your garage door provides a large number of benefits for your house. In addition to providing another point of entry, it is a place to store your car safely and other items. In addition, a garage door is a barrier to reduce sound, extreme temperatures, and protection from theft.

As a result, garage door repair is essential prior to listing your house for sale. Just like anything else, older garage doors need maintenance and repair. If your garage door does not close properly or create a seal, it may need a repair or replacement. Depending on the type of door you have, the paint may be peeling; it may have dents or scratches on it. Some of these may be repairable, like a new coat of paint. However, if it is dented, you are looking at a replacement. In addition to being functional, your garage door improves the look of your house. It adds to the curb appeal and attracts buyers. For this reason, you may want to consider a replacement that matches the style of your house or improves the way it looks.

Seek Out Pest Control Services

Another essential consideration to increase your property value before listing is to hire a local pest control company to inspect your home. No one wants pests in their home. In general, it is a good idea to have a pest control service at your home. However, if you have not had a reason to have regular pest control in the past, you should consider it now. There are multiple types of pests that can enter our houses at any time. There are bugs, rodents, small animals, birds, and bat control to consider. Obviously, if you see any of these pests, you should have them removed immediately. It would be best if you had a professional remove them and apply prevention methods to ensure they do not come back. You want to have documentation that you can provide to potential buyers about these methods. If you do not have any current signs of pests, you may want to consider having pest control come out for a routine inspection. If they do not find anything, you will have the documentation to prove it. Any documentation that you can provide to potential buyers can help ease their minds about any concerns they may have.

Repair Foundation Issues

Any type of foundation repair will increase your property value before listing. This is a slam dunk for increasing the value of your house. Foundation repair provides structural integrity and improves the way the foundation looks. When you have a professional working on your foundation, most likely, there is a warranty associated with the work. The only time you need to consider foundation repair is when there is foundational damage. You want to keep in mind that foundation repair is critical; however, foundation protection is not. A professional may encourage you to add foundation protection to the rest of your foundation after you have some section of it repaired. Adding foundation protection does not add any value to your house.

As the foundation settles, the house can sink or push it upward. Either of these processes can put unnecessary pressure on the house. If there is enough foundation failure, your home may be considered unlivable. You want to address any foundation issues as soon as you see them. You may begin to see signs inside your house that alert you there are foundation concerns. These signs include sloping floors, cracks in drywall or concrete slabs, cabinets that lean, and doors that stick. You should have your foundation inspected if you notice any of these.

Fix Leaks and Other Plumbing Issues

Water leaking anywhere in your home can do an incredible amount of damage. If you see any sign of leaks, fixing them will increase your property value before listing. While contacting a plumber and having leaks fixed may not add to the value of your house, water damage or leaks will decrease the value of your home. The amount of damage your house has sustained indicates how much the value drops. In addition, plumbing issues and leaks can cause structural issues, foundational issues, or mold. If you have mold and mildew in the house, you must address another set of problems and concerns.

If there is mold in your house, you must correct the cause of the leak and address the mold. It can be harmful to your home’s drywall, studs, and insulation. Mold can also cause health and safety concerns for people and animals. Often potential homebuyers will not consider a home if it has a mold problem. Instead, it would be best if you considered hiring a professional remediation company to address the mold. This way, you can provide proof to a potential homebuyer that you addressed and resolved the mold problem correctly.

Clean Your Ducts Out

There is a high probability that you have not cleaned the ducts in your home. Cleaning your ducts can help increase your property value before listing. It is essential to have a qualified professional clean your duct. If they are not cleaned properly, they can sustain damage. You should generally consider duct cleaning when you have mold, insect, or rodent infestations. In addition, you want to ensure that a dryer duct cleaning is included in any duct cleaning process you request.

In addition to cleaning the ducts, you want to ensure all the HVAC filters are changed every four months. If you notice the filters are dirty before four months, you should consider changing them sooner. It would help if you considered using HEPA filters. You should have an annual inspection of your HVAC system. When you have any work done in your home, you should cover registers and returns to ensure dust does not get in the duct system.

Install a New Water Heater

Installing a new water heater is a great way to increase your property value before listing, especially if you add a tankless water heater. Over time, your water heater ages and does not function as efficiently. Reduced efficiency is one of the signs that it may be time for water heater repair or replacement. The water heater is the piece of equipment that heats water for use within your house. A water heater with a tank holds heated water and keeps it in a heated state, so it is available for use. Many people are used to trying to shower, and there is no hot water left. Cold showers happen when the water tank has run out of heated water and does not have enough time to fill up and heat the water before it is needed. A tankless system does not hold water. It heats the water on an as needed basis. The water runs over heated coils before entering pipes. A tankless water system is more efficient and reduces energy bills. The tankless system only heats water as it is needed. It does not use energy to keep water heated while it is stored. A tankless water system also takes up less space in your home, making it much more appealing.

Have Carpets Professionally Cleaned

One of the last things you want to do to increase your property value before listing is to clean your carpets professionally. When you have a professional cleaning of your rugs and carpets, it can remove spills and stains from your carpet. Your carpet will have stains, especially if you have children or pets. You want to have them removed before you list your house for sale. Carpeting is known to hold on to odors and allergens. Dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens can hang out on the carpet. These items can be harmful to the health of others, especially those that suffer from allergies. Regular carpet cleaning can remove these and allow for better breathing in the home. Unless you leave your shoes at the door, you walk on your carpet every day in shoes that have touched the ground. You can bring outside elements into the house. A professional cleaning can ensure that your carpet is clean, making it safe for children and pets. It can also prolong its life and appearance.

These nine tips can help increase your property value before listing, so you want to consider them before doing anything else. You may have a lot of competition when you list your house for sale. These tips can help you find ways to improve your home that may help you stay a step ahead of your competition. Also, prepare yourself that potential buyers may ask for additional items no matter how much work you complete before listing your home for sale.