Your Dream Wedding Under a Large Tent

Many people choose to host an event outdoors, and this is a popular choice for fair weather or if local indoor venues are not available for some reason. Often, a person’s dream wedding may be done outdoors in fair spring or autumn weather, and June is quite a popular wedding month. But it’s not just a dream wedding that a tent can host; event organizers can also host a big birthday party, a charity meal or event, or even a festival with the right tent rentals. These party event rentals call for renting a large enough tent, not to mention chair rentals, chair covers, party linen rentals, and more. Estimates should not be used to determine how to rent linens or tents for a dream wedding; rather, there is a process that the event’s organizers can use to figure out exactly how to do this. The math, mercifully, is fairly straightforward and highly effective if done in the right order.

Renting Tables and Chairs

It may be tempting to start planning a dream wedding outdoors by renting a huge, colorful tent. But in fact, tent rental should be done after the other logistics are figured out, since a too-small tent can’t even hold everyone and a too-large tent is a waste of money. Renting hardware like this should not be eyeballed, in sort. Instead, the planners may start with the guest list.

Any event, from a dream wedding to a birthday party or charity meal, will start with a list of confirmed guests, and that is a whole topic in itself. The important part is that once a guest list is finalized, that provides a hard number of guests, which is important information. With this in mind, table, chair, and linen rentals are possible.

Now, the event’s organizers may visit local table and chair rental companies, which may offer many different models of chairs and tables alike. The renters may note the shape and style of the hardware available, and of course note how many people each table and comfortably seat. Some tables may be round, popular for weddings, while others might be square or even long rectangles. Chairs of a similar style, and in the correct number, will also be rented.

Now, all these chairs and tables must be arranged so that there is enough room between them for people to walk and maneuver, and there should also be enough room for people to slide their chairs in and out, too. This may factor in the size and shape of each table, and overall, finishing this work will show how much square footage the entire event will take up. Now that this is known, tent and linen rentals may come next.

Renting Tables and Linens for the Event

Tables and chairs should be rented before any linens are rented. Once the tables are secured, the renters will know what quantity and what size their rented linens must be, and they can use this information when they visit linen rental sites (which will probably different from the companies where the tables themselves were rented). As long as the linen’s size and numbers are correct, the rest is a matter of discretion and style for the event. Some table linens may be made of cotton, or others made of silk, and some may have lace or patterns or embroidery on them. Others may be a solid color, such as black, white, blue, or red.

Finally, there’s the matter of the tent. This is where the event’s square footage is an important factor, and the renters will bear this square footage in mind when they visit tent rental companies. The renters may call these companies ahead of time and visit their website, but the renters should visit in person and look over the tents at some point before making a rental. This is so the renters can check for any rips, stains, or other issues with the tents. As a bonus, some tents may come with fabric walls, complete with clear plastic windows to create a more indoor look. This can also lend the event some more privacy, if that is desired, and can protect the guests from unexpected changes in the weather, too.