3 Ways Charitable Donations Help Storm Victims

Red cross donations

Each year, there are many storms that occur throughout the world. In certain cases, storms grow to become massive while leaving behind huge paths of destruction. Many people visit a nearby Red Cross donation center in order to give back gently used items. Statistics show that 70% of people in the United States give back to at least one charity per year. It’s understandable to wonder how American Red Cross donations help tropical storm victims. Here are three main ways that the Red Cross helps people affected by tropical storms.

  1. Allowing People to Have Ample Textiles

    Many people decide to donate items to the Red Cross through giving away clothing. Donated clothing often goes directly to those in Red Cross shelters throughout the nation. Massive tropical storms often leave thousands of people without access to clothing. Donated textiles including both clothing and blankets allow less fortunate individuals to stay warm. A clothing donation center allows people to easily drop off textiles that aren’t being used. Red Cross pickup is a popular option for those who are donating items but are unable to leave their homes. Donating items to charity is tax deductible, making it essential to receive some form of receipt for your donations.
  2. Providing Meals to Those in Need

    Certain places are known to have food drives that help those in need. Many people donate canned goods that go directly to feeding victims of a tropical storm. In other situations, funding is collected from donated items that go directly towards purchasing various types of food. Red Cross donations continue to help ensure that families are able to receive a steady supply of nutritious meals.
  3. Giving Shelter to Those Without a Home

    Unfortunately, many people that deal with tropical storms live in homes that suffer massive amounts of damage. Many individuals seek out temporary places to live through seeking out a nearby Red Cross shelters. These shelters provide housing, clothing, and food for people who have been affected by a recent storm. Many of the funding obtained to create these shelters are obtained through financial donations. Statistics show that 3% of all income in the United States is given to charities per year.

In summary, there are several main ways the Red Cross helps those affected by large storms. Many people donate clothing and blankets to provide warmth to those in need. A large percentage of Red Cross donations are made by those giving away their gently used clothes and blankets. Donating canned goods help to feed families who no longer have easy access to food from their own homes. Financial donations help to provide funding to build Red Cross shelters used for housing those without homes of their own. Donations collected by the Red Cross are utilized in various ways to help those who are dealing with the aftermath of a devastating storm.