4 Reasons to Plan a Bingo Fundraising Event

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Nonprofit organizations must come up with new and exciting fundraising events constantly. Sticking with the same ones over and over will cause attendees to eventually lose interest. Because the purpose of the fundraising event is to make money, it is best to encourage family entertainment. The game of Bingo is an especially exciting and useful fundraising event. Bingo games are great for the following reasons.

Bingo is a timeless and well known game

Almost everyone has heard of or played the game of bingo. Children participate in bingo games as a child, sometimes in a school setting. Adults take their bingo enjoyment to the next level with fundraising of gambling events. Bingo has been around for almost five centuries. It is easily the world?s most popular game, with over 8% of the world?s population participating today. The fact that it is such a popular game makes it the perfect fundraising activity. You are likely to attract a large crowd, which translates into higher funds raised.

Bingo does not require much to play

Some fundraising events, dances, dinners, and picnics require a lot of setup. They also require food items, cooking devices, and many volunteers. One of the best things about the game of bingo is that it does not require much to setup. You simply need a meeting space and some tables and chairs. Additionally, you need a bingo roller and bingo cards. From there, you can easily host a bingo gaming event with one volunteer. This is the person that will pass out the cards, pull the bingo numbers, and check the bingo game winners. This low effort bingo game setup means that it costs less for nonprofits to organize and thus, they can benefit more financially.

Bingo has low payouts

Bingo often attracts many players. The ratio to winners compared to players is very small. This means that more people lose at the game. Those that do win, usually can only win a couple of hundred dollars. Bingo players are okay with this because it only costs a couple of dollars to play. The low payout odds, however, make bingo a great fundraising idea. It provides family entertainment with the ability of raising a lot of money for whatever nonprofit is hosting the event. You will also find that many players are willing to donate a portion of their winnings to the organization.

Family entertainment for the nonprofit volunteers

With the low setup and maintenance of the bingo game, even the nonprofit volunteers can participate. Once everything is set up, the food is served, and the game has begun, the volunteers can also enter the game. They can even choose to bring their families for added family entertainment. The good thing about this setup is that most nonprofit volunteers are going to donate the majority of their winnings back to the organization. According to a recent Bank of America study, 95.4% of Americans give to charity. Simply giving them a source of family entertainment actually promote more giving. Players do not care about the money, and instead, are there to enjoy the game of Bingo and give to a local charity organization.

Bingo has been around for many years. People of all ages, genders, and races are familiar with the game of Bingo. It is used for gambling, entertainment, and even as a party game for family showers. Bingo also makes for the perfect fundraising event because it is low cost, easy to setup, provides good fundraising odds, and allows every participant to have a good time.