What Does Home Renovation Mean To You? Homeowners Weigh In On Landscape And Design

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Your home should be a space that supports you in every way imaginable. Not just in the sense that it provides a roof over your head and keeps insects out. No, you can absolutely go the extra mile and transform it into a center of peace and prosperity. Home renovation is something every homeowner gets around to sooner or later, but it shouldn’t be a chore you check off your list. It should be an opportunity to really spread your wings and show off who you are on the inside. Sprucing up your lawn? Bolstering your outdoor lighting? Let’s have some fun with all the things you can add to your home.


The more obvious, yet no less important part of this list, is landscaping. Not only is this a way to make the exterior of your home shine, it can even manifest as a practical addition that affects your finances. Seem too good to be true? According to recent studies, properly placed plants can lower your home’s heating and cooling bills by 20%. This is due to them providing natural shade from the sun, alongside all sorts of useful additions like filtering pollutants out of the air and boosting your curb appeal.

Sound cool? We’re just getting started.

Lawn Care

Your front lawn is one of the most notable aspects of your home. A lawn covered with yellow spots or brown stains? Not something most people want when it comes to a house that looks good to the average passerby. A well-maintained lawn not only looks lush and inviting, it can even reduce airborne allergens such as ragweed and discourage harmful pollutants from making their way into your house. Make sure you don’t water too much and try to keep your grass blades a little longer than average. This will encourage healthy growth!

Outdoor Lighting

Let’s shed some light on an aspect that’s as tricky as it is fascinating. Lighting is how we navigate our world and interact with our surroundings. Outdoor lighting can be utilized on your front steps, your backyard or your patio to create a sense of warmth and encourage a better mood. Landscape lighting has an entire field dedicated to the colors and styles you can use to transform your home. Studies have shown spending a mere 5% of your home’s value on landscaping can increase resale value by 15%.

Additional Tips

What else can you get from the aforementioned home renovation tips? Planting trees and shrubbery around your home reduces airborne pollen and reduces your energy bill, yes…and also can reduce bothersome noise by up to 50%. Perfect for when you need to get some serious shut-eye! Outdoor lighting (as well as indoor lighting) is also proven to have a noticeable impact on your overall mood, with better lit environments reducing feelings of anxiety and promoting mental wellness more than dim ones.

Why You Should Spruce Up Your Home

Your home means a lot to you. Why not seek out landscape design techniques that can show off what it can do? A recent landscaping survey saw 60% of respondents reporting they’d pay much more for an apartment or house that had good green spaces, perfect for those that want to sell, while those that don’t plan on moving any time soon can still reap the benefits of a superior lawn or tree installation. Reduce your cooling bills and bolster your mental health with some touch-ups this year.

Custom carpentry or a new LED lighting installation may just be your best idea yet!