A Bed Bug Infestation Does Not Mean You Are Dirty

A bed bug infestation can happen to anyone. Often, bed bugs are associated with dirty living environments. While bed bugs can certainly be inhabitants, they are attracted to all living environments. Bed bugs are drawn in by a person’s body heat and the carbon dioxide that a person exhales. If you are aware of bed bugs, it is important to contact a professional to provide pest control maintenance as soon as possible.

How Are Bed Bugs Transferred?

It is common for bed bugs to hitch a ride on garments, suitcases, and bags. They can also be tracked in by pets. They are not nocturnal, but are usually more active during the night and are attracted to warmth. This makes it difficult to sometimes spot them during the day. This makes bed bugs especially common at schools and hotels, as there are more opportunities for a bed bug to be transferred. If you are planning on travelling, it is important to take proper precautions, as to limit the transfer of bed bugs and prevent them from being tracked into your home or place of business. Noticing the signs, can help you be prepared to contact a professional to provide pest control maintenance.

What Are The Signs of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are quite small, so you will have to look closely in order to spot them. Look along the trim in the bedroom and living room. Open up the drawers on any end tables and use a flashlight to look inside. Lift up the sheets on the bed and look in the crevases of the mattress. Although you may not see the actual bed bug, you may notice tiny black spots. You may also notice that when you wake up, you have itchy welts on your leg or blood on your blankets. The welts will typically appear in the line and will multiply after each night. It is important that if you notice these signs, you do not try to treat the bed bug infestation on your own. This is a job for an experienced pest control maintenance professional that can correct the problem at the source, eradicating all bed bugs.

Bed bugs can happen to anyone, regardless of cleanliness. That is why it is important to become aware of the signs of a possible infestation and get professional pest control maintenance as soon as possible. A professional exterminator, specializing in pest removal, will be able to help you keep bed bugs out of your home or business.