A Veteran Fought For You Its Time to Thank Our Soldiers

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There are a few basic needs that no person should be without: food, water, shelter, and clothing to name a few. Clothing has become such a staple of many of our lives that most of us take the clothes on our back for granted. Each year Americans throw out a combined 12 million tons of clothing and textiles; its sad to think that up to 90% of those items thrown away in 2011 could have been taken by organizations that accept clothing donations.

Who Are Our Neighbors in Need?

Chances are, everyone has experienced a hard time during their lives. We can’t always control the situations that we find ourselves in: this too applies to those unfortunate enough to find themselves without a home. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that around 207,000 recent military veterans were unable to find work as of March of 2013. In total, the unemployment rate for veterans is 2% higher above the national average. Many of those in need can only rely on the help of charitable donations.

How Far a Little Compassion Goes

In 2007, there was nearly $5.8 billion worth of clothing donations made in the U.S. About 80% of the clothing donated to a charity organization is either given to the needed or used for funding these non-profit organizations. In total, the textile recycling and donation industry helps generate 17,000 jobs across the country while providing countless of Americans in need with the clothing that they need. There are many organizations that pick up clothing donations at specified drop points or even at the request of the donor in some circumstances, making it easier to give. To those in need, nothing means more than a charitable donation from the heart; don’t throw away your used clothing when you can give it to someone in need!