Four Free Ways That You Can Make the World a Better Place

Clothing donation

“As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.”

If every one of us lived by the inspiring words of the late British actor, Paul Shane Spear, we really would change the world. The needs in our world are so great, it might feel intimidating trying to find a place that you can make a difference. Here are a few, small ways that any one person can change the world for one person, and eventually change the world.

  1. Volunteer your time.
    The sky is the limit with volunteering your time to change the world. You can find an organization that supports a cause that is meaningful to you, such as helping disabled veterans or stray puppies. Or you can take the initiative to change someone’s world on your own. Visit lonely elderly people at a nursing home. Make a meal and serve it to the homeless. Dress up like a superhero and make some children in the hospital smile! You can’t go wrong with using your time to put more kindness in the world.

  2. Make gently used clothing donations.
    Donating clothing to charity changes the world in several ways. The organizations that pick up clothing donations you make might use some of your contributions to put clothes on the back of families who have nothing, and they might sell some of the clothing at a sharp discount and use the cash to further the cause of the organization. Also, buying second-hand clothes at a thrift store helps families with limited resources stretch their budget.

    Giving to charities that pick up clothing donations makes your part in changing the world costs you nothing at all, other than the goods you don’t want anymore. Just collect the items you wish to donate, and your done. Most groups that pick up clothing donations list it on their website, or you can call and ask if there is an organization you care about.
  3. Share your health.

    Every two seconds, a person in the United States needs a blood transfusion to survive an injury or illness. Donating your blood to the Red Cross’ blood bank requires just a few minutes of your time, involves minimal pain, and could save someone’s life.

    Another way to use your good health to change the world is by joining the bone marrow registry. By answering a few questions on the National Marrow Donor registry’s website, and giving a quick swab of the inside of your cheek, you’ll be in the database and if the opportunity ever arises to save someone’s life with a donation of your bone marrow, you’ll get a call.

  4. Put more kindness in the world.
    Think about a time that someone unexpectedly shared kindness with you. It probably brightened your day and gave you the energy to share kindness with others. Offer sincere compliments to others. Write a note to someone you care about, letting them know. Smile at strangers, and wish them a good day. Surprise someone with a gift, for no good reason.

    Putting kindness into your world costs you almost nothing, and in most cases, you inspire the recipient of your kindness to pay it forward. If you change one person’s world with your kindness, and they change one person’s world, and so on, eventually you’ve changed the world.