Advantages of Private Schools

For any child, getting a good education is key to success and happiness later in life, so parents should always find the best schools where they can send their kids to invest in their future. Parents who recently moved the family to another community, or parents whose kids are old enough for school for the first time, will have to scout out local schools and compare them to each other, evaluating a number of factor to decide which is best. Even the child’s own input is a significant factor, alongside the costs of a school and the programs and features there. Often, the benefits of private school education can be very clear after a few years, and in fact the benefits of private school education have been documented in the last few years, something that parents can use as a reference if they can afford to send their child to private high schools or private elementary schools. Otherwise, day schools or art schools may be considered.

Public VS Private

A major divide in the best schools in the United States are between public and private schools where parents can send their kids. What is the difference? While a private school is in the minority (only 25% of all American schools are private), the benefits of private school education are already documented for parents to use as a reference when choosing a school for their kids. For example, among public school teachers, 21% of them say that student apathy is a problem, but by contrast, only 4% of private school teachers have said the same. Similarly, around 24% of public school teachers have reported that a lack of parental involvement is an issue at the schools where they teach, while only 3% of private school teachers reported the same issue. At private high schools, in particular, counseling services for college are easier to come by; college-related counseling is more common there, and the counselors there spend 55% of their time on it for their students. This compares favorably to public school counselors, who spend about 22% of their time on college-related counseling. Finally, the benefits of private school education are clear when trying to find colleges to attend.

Other Factors

In general, there are some other particular points that parents today may consider when looking for a school where they will send their kids, and for many of these factors, a private school may be better funded and equipped than a public one, but the exact features at any school may vary. For one, the best day schools, public or private, will have a number of organizations and clubs, as well as programs, to academically and creatively stimulate the students and keep them engaged. Sports teams will teach teamwork as well as a chance for exercise and the thrill of the sport. The teams should be well equipped and funded so that they can function well. Away games can also be a fun time for the teams. Similarly, good middle and high schools will offer a marching band for musically inclined students, and these bands should be well equipped for instruments as well as uniforms for performance events, and a qualified staff of instructors and support personnel. Various art programs, such as for painting and clay modeling, may be available, along with clubs like a debate team or a model UN for academic stimulation and interests.

The benefits of private school education are clear, but whether at a public or private school, the student him or herself will give important feedback on whether a school is the right environment for him or her. A student whose special interests like debate, soccer, or marching band are met at a school will probably be happier and more comfortable at the school, and the student should be able to join the student body’s social environment and make friends while not suffering bullying there. A student should also be academically challenged without being overworked or under-worked. By contrast, if a student is miserable, and feels isolated or is the target of bullying or is overwhelmed by the coursework, he or she will probably not get the quality education that he or she should get, and this can have a serious impact on their future.