Finding Supplies for a Wedding

Any wedding today is an affair that the bride and groom, and usually their parents, will plan long and hard for, and a staggering variety of factors and services will be juggled by both families. On the material side, there are all sorts of items that can go toward making a wedding ceremony and reception just the way the bride and groom want it, and often at a fair price. Similar events, such as Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies for Jewish families, can use similar strategies for decoration, and when done right, any setup can be classy, practical, and memorable for all involved. Some such areas to consider are renting linen tablecloths, along with tent accessories for outdoor weddings and even party furniture if it is needed. The right care should be taken when doing wedding linen rental, but wedding linen rental, when done smartly, can spice up any reception.

Weddings and Parties

Hosting a wedding, a “Sweet 16” girl’s birthday party, or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony, are all traditions that are thoroughly documented by experts in those industries to figure out who likes to do what, and how. For example, for weddings, linen is very important, and wedding linen rental involves finding high-quality, and elegant pieces of cloth for tables, table runners, napkins during the lunch or dinner, chair covers, and even sashes that are all important for the decor, and different service provides are out there where brides and grooms can rent linen as needed. Even the price and formality of weddings may vary based on where they take place; the most popular wedding destination is New York City, which is also the most expensive. It has been found that the average wedding cost there can climb to just over $70,000, while Utah stand as the lowest-cost destination, where weddings will cost an average of $13,214. It has also been found that in terms of attire, decor, and tone, Hawaii weddings are the most casual, while New Jersey ones tend to be the most formal, and are often black tie. How can decor be set up accordingly?

Wedding Linen Rental

Finding wedding and party rentals often involves finding the right linens for the occasion, and there are well-established strategies that brides and grooms can employ, or the parents of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or someone celebrating a large, fancy birthday party like a Sweet 16 party. According to Martha Stewart Weddings, linens are a central part of a wedding’s decor, and not all venues will offer all the linen items needed, so brides and grooms are encouraged to rent them instead. Wedding linen rental can also be cost effective, since buying these materials can be very costly.

The planned overall look of the wedding reception will act as a guide for what types of linens, and in what colors and quantity, the bride and groom will rent. Table runners and overlays can add color and style, and tables for buffets, gifts, cocktails, and the cake can all have their own linens to look their best. Renting linen cloths and napkins for dinner and dessert are also popular choices. And before starting wedding linen rental, everyone is encouraged to take measurements, such as the dimensions of all tables and chairs involved, and of course the number of guests for calculating how many cloth napkins will be needed. Once all this information is compiled, then it is time for requesting the linen rentals. Different fabrics like cotton, polyester, satin, taffeta, organza, and more are all available and may have different costs and appearances, so brides and grooms can go over their options and decide what materials, and in what colors, suit their reception best.

A reputable wedding supplier and rental company can be found at the recommendation of a wedding planner, a venue owner, the florist, or trusted friends. These companies can lend all sorts of materials as well as linens, like tables, plates, glasses, tents, and more, and it is possible that the bride and groom will get not only their wedding linen rental needs done here, but also find other items that they cannot easily supply or purchase themselves. Brides and grooms can ask a rental company for quotes om prices and factor in setup and transport fees, if those apply.