Are You Looking for New Furniture? A More Rustic Style May Be Just the Thing

Log cabin furniture for your home

Have you recently bought a vacation home that you are looking to furnish? Perhaps your new office lends itself to real wood office furniture. In any case you find that log cabin style furniture may have just the rugged quality for which you are looking.

Log cabin furniture and decor have a long history in the United States. Stylistically, they were ubiquitous with such periods as the Great Depression, but they also have a symbolic connection to one of our most beloved presidents, Abraham Lincoln. In fact, the toy called Lincoln Logs was introduced into the Toy Hall of Fame in the year 1999.

The rustic furniture typically found inside the first log cabins were usually handmade and were of the same style as the cabin itself. During the early 1800’s in America, the construction and overall design of log cabins became more varied and innovative. Today, log cabins are commonly called “log homes,” and have all of the same features and comforts of conventional homes.

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