Benefits of Do It Yourself Storage Solutions for Your Home

Garage cabinets

Have you ever found yourself standing in your house one day wondering how you and your family managed to acquire so much stuff? Stuff that takes up so much space, makes the house look like a disaster war zone area, and doesn’t seem to have a specific place is a common problem among families. There are approximately 300,000 items in an average American home and many people find themselves with the same problem of finding places for all of their things. Approximately one out of every ten Americans rents an offsite storage unit because their home just does not seem big enough for all their possessions. Follow these tips below to help organize objects in your house and make it less disorganized and less cluttered.


The bedrooms are the number one place in the house where people find themselves needing extra storage space. Between the closets and under the bed this area can get crowded and full very quickly. Kid’s rooms are especially tricky when it comes to organizing and storing items. Consider utilizing the area under the bed for storage solutions. Under bed organizers are simple ways to de-clutter the mess and help organize things that are not used on a daily basis. Closets are another area that could benefit from diy closet organization. Whether it is for the kids or the female of the house, some closets should probably have “caution” tape around them. Bookshelves in the bottom or a child’s closet or a closet organizer can really clean up these small crowded spaces. Women typically own around 30 outfits meaning that diy closet organization is vital to keep a woman’s closet accessible. Closet organizers and shoe organizers offer places for smaller things, but still leave room for the necessary clothes.


When many people share a bathroom, it can become cluttered quickly. Organizing your bathroom space can help organize clutter and make things easier to find. Small spaces become dirty fast especially when clutter explodes onto the counters and the floor. It can seem like a never-ending battle keeping a clean bathroom. Consider wall mount racks to hold shower essentials, towels and toilet paper. A shower caddy helps hold shower essentials that are used every day and keep them from sitting on the side of the bathtub and falling over onto the floor. Many wall mount racks can be purchased and installed easily with minimal effort and tools.


Another area in the house where diy closet organizers can be a huge benefit is the kitchen area. The kitchen area is used frequently, but that does not mean that every item in the kitchen is used daily. Those things that are used infrequently can be stored out of sight so they do not take up counter space. The pantry is an important area that gets noticed when it is bare, but when it is full, it can be cluttered and organized making it hard to find necessary items for cooking. Kitchen pantry racks help with this clutter by giving you shelves to store your necessary items on yet still keep them organized. A folding kitchen rack offers ample storage or meal prep space that you can fold and put away when not in use. With a little effort your kitchen can be organized and neat and make it easier to plan and cook family meals for you and your family.

DIY closet organizers for your home removes clutter and makes it easier to live in your house. Remember that organizing only goes so far, especially when your house is full of lots of needless things that are no longer used, yet you can’t let go of. Organizing clutter that is not used will only lead to more clutter in the long run. Go through the objects before starting to organize, and decide what is really needed and what is not. Take one second to decide whether things should be kept or disposed of. Wrap disposed items in a bag and if they are not used after a month then they are not needed and should be discarded appropriately.