Four Reasons to Heat Your Home With Wood Pellets

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Are you in the market for bulk wood pellets? Approximately 1 million businesses and homes heat their homes with bulk wood pellets every winter. This is a big deal because heating is one of the greatest users of energy in your home, and using a pellet wood stove is better for the entire population and planet than any other form for heating. If you are able to, using bulk wood pellets to heat your home is incredibly beneficial.

When you heat your home with bulk wood pellets, we all win. The economy wins. The planet wins. National security wins. Your wallet wins. We call it a win-win-win-win-win situation. If you don’t believe us, let the numbers speak for themselves:

  1. National security wins when you use wood pellets.

    This might seem like an overreach, but stay with us: Unless you have a solar array or windmill on your property, every other form of heating requires oil fuel for energy. Even if you have an electric furnace in your home, the generation of electricity used gas before it ever reaches your home. A lot of gas.

    As you know, most of our oil and gas fuel comes from foreign countries. Many of countries we depend on the most of fuel are in the middle of political turmoil. This is true of Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan (to name a few). If the power struggle in these countries made their oil resources unavailable to us, it would throw our country and its dependency on oil and gas into an economic disaster. However, when you heat your home with wood pellets, they are produced entirely on American soil (in fact, they’re even produced by American soil). We do not depend on any unstable foreign countries for wood pellets. This reduces the impact that a potential oil shortage would have on our economy. The more households who use wood pellets, the more stable our national infrastructure is.

  2. The economy wins when you use wood pellets.

    As we touched on in the previous point, wood pellets are entirely produced and distributed on American land. That means every dollar spent on wood pellets stays in our own economy. In fact, the wood pellet industry directly employs approximately 2,300 American workers. On top of that, their are untold thousands of support jobs such as logging and distribution that exist because of the families who heat their homes with wood pellets.
  3. The planet wins when you use pellet fuels.

    From end to end, the wood pellet creation process, all the way through to burning it is about as green as it gets. The creation of wood pellets use almost zero natural resources. That’s right. We know you’re about to say, “But wood is a natural resource…” You’re right but you’re wrong. Burning wood does use natural resources (although, unlike oil and gas, wood regrows and is a renewable resource), however wood pellets are made with the bi-product of trees that were already cut down. When carpenters make hardwood floors and other natural wood products, the leftover sawdust is collected and turned into wood pellets. No additional trees are harmed in the making of wood pellets.

    Additionally, when wood pellets are burned they put for less carbon emissions into the air that we breath. One ton of wood pellets emits approximately 1.5 tons less carbon than other conventional heating methods. The average family uses about three tons of wood pellets were winter, and so the planet is save from about 4.5 tons of carbon emissions.

  4. Your wallet wins when you use wood pellets.

    The national average cost of wood pellets is about $250 per ton. If you break it down into BTU, your heating costs are about $19 per million BTU. To get the same rate with other heating methods, oil would have to be $2.05 per gallon (It’s at an all-time low right now, at $2.91 per gallon) and propane would have to be an impossible $1.36 per gallon (It’s $2.36 per gallon today). Your bank account loves it when you choose wood pellets to heat your home.

Heating your home with wood pellets not only gives you the warm, toasty feeling of yesteryear, it also improves the world around us!