Prepare Your Roof and Windows for Winter Now

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The summer has been warm and sunny, but it is quickly coming to an end. Soon, the temperatures will drop and the rain will be replaced with snowfall. We will begin spending more time indoors to get away from the cold temperatures. These few months leading up to the cold winter months are the perfect time to begin preparing your home for the winter months. The roof should be checked, the windows and insulation should be inspected and the doors should be maintained. This is important fall maintenance for any property, including residential and commercial property.

The roof needs to be checked for any loose nails or boards. The sturdiness of it should also be inspected, at least once a year, in the fall. When snow accumulates, it will land and stand on the roof. After many inches of snowfall, it can get very heavy. A roof that is in poor condition will leak or can actually break from the weight of the snowfall. Replacing or repairing a roof in the winter months can be very difficult and very cold. It is possible that you will have to wait until the spring months for any major roof repairs. If you are considering how to replace a roof, right now is the best time to consult with a local roofing company. The roofing company will inspect and quote the roof repair and replacement, and will provide consultation on the likeliness of the roof holding up throughout the winter months.

Additionally, if you want to replace your entire roof, it is best to do it in the warmer months. You could always replace your roof over top of your existing roof, but it will reduce the quality of the new roof. Roofing experts estimate that the life of your new roof will be cut by as much as 20% if it is installed on top of the existing roof.
A roofing company may also check the insulation of the roof. The roof is responsible for not only keeping stuff from falling into the home, it is also responsible for not allowing water to leak into the attic or the home. A roofing company can provide additional insulation to prevent leakage as the snow melts. The roofing company may also check your home?s gutters to ensure proper leaking availability for the roof.

The windows and doors should also be checked prior to the winter months by a commercial contractor. Things like casement windows and easement windows should be free of snow or any other debris. They should also be well insulated, to prevent cold winds or melted snow from entering into the home. A window replacement or door replacement might be needed for windows and doors that are worn and no longer keeping high winds or melted snow out of the house.

Although costs are associated with replacing things such as the windows and doors of the home, they often save the homeowner money. Firstly, they will save by reducing utility costs. The less cold air that makes it into the home, then the less that the heater has to run, which results in saving energy money. Secondly, replacing these items can produce high return on investments, improving the value of the home. A replacement steel door or replacement front door averaged a 97.2% return on investment (ROI). When you sell your home, window replacement can recoup 73 to 77% of its original cost. Homeowners generally consider the shape of the roof, the windows and the doors when purchasing a new home.

The long, cold winter will be here before we know it. It is important to prepare our homes for the cold, snow now. If your roof needs a repair or a replacement, it may be much more difficult to do so in the winter months. Additionally, you could end up with home damage from leaks or excessive snow falls sitting on the roof. New windows and doors can reduce the amount of wind and cold that makes it into the home, while also improving the value and the resale of the home.