Different sorts of clothing donations

American red cross clothing donations

Life can be so stressful sometimes that we don’t stop to think about those who have it less fortunate than us. But every now and then it pays to stop and think about all of those people who, for whatever reason, have no place to go and no one to go to. It can be difficult to think about but it’s every bit as important as taking care of yourself. In some ways, you can look at it as a duty to society and an exercise in human empathy. It can seem daunting, at first and this is understandable. You may ask yourself what you can do to help? What can I do to possibly help fix a widespread and endemic problem? Well it can be easy if you take a step back and break it down. Let’s start with the very basics. Clothing donations. Specifically, american red cross clothing donations. What follows is a short list of different items of clothing you can donate and why you might want to think about donating them.

    Warmer winter clothing
    Used clothing donations are incredibly important, especially during the winter. There’s no right time to donate clothes, however. It can be useful at all times of the year and in all places. But, for the sake of specificity, let’s start with the categories of warmer winter clothing you send to any american red cross clothing donations center. Sweatshirts are a good place to start, especially in the category of functional warmer clothing. They are fairly resistant to dirt and grime and are made sturdy, which is good for anyone who has no home to go to. Also they’re malleable and tough which means they can fit every body type, shape and form. Sweatshirts are made to last a long time and be worn in all places. While more of a curiosity items in warmer climes, they can quite literally save lives when donated in colder and more frigid areas. If you have any older sweatshirts that you’ve outgrown or just don’t want to wear anymore, absolutely think about donating them. For all american red cross clothing donations center, it is a huge help.
    There are many different kinds of jackets you might want to think about donating. For slightly warmer places, you can donate lighter, spring jackets. These comes in a lot different shapes and sizes and some brands might even waterproof which is an extra advantage. Speaking of waterproof jackets, rain jackets are an enormously useful item to give to any clothing donation as well. Rain jackets and rainshells, much like sweatshirts, are designed to last a very long time and work under a wide variety of circumstances. There are jackets designed for heavy and constant rain, lighter rain, high wind. For those homeless individuals or families that are constantly exposed to the elements, rain jackets are critical for some amount of survivability. American red cross clothing donation centers are also always looking for large donations of winter jackets as well. From peacoats to ski jackets, heavier coats are an absolute necessity for the homeless to survive the winter in more northerly areas. If these jackets are waterproof or snowproof in any way, that’s just an added bonus. That means the wearer will be safe under a wide variety of weather related circumstances.
    Jeans and denim pants
    In the realms of lower body protection, you can hardly do better than donate any pairs of old jeans you might have. Denim is a very resistant fabric and it doesn’t get dirty easily. It can stay relatively hygienic for weeks on end which is an absolute must for families that might not have access to clean or running water. Any American red cross clothing donations centers are always happy to accept large amount of jeans as they are one of the most functional pieces of clothing for anybody to wear. Also like sweatshirts, they fit a wide variety of people, from the tall to the short, from the large to the small and everywhere in between. For jeans, it’s all about cleanliness and protection, two of the most important things for anyone to consider.